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RHR Heir of Marwan – The Ultimate

A champion on three continents, RHR Heir of Marwan is the ultimate in many ways. I myself remember seeing him for the first time, in 2009, at the Arabian Breeders’ World Cup in Las Vegas. Even then, as a two-year old colt, there was just something about this chestnut stallion that captivated me. Since then, I have followed his progress around the world, first to Australia, where he became a record breaker, and then to Europe and a Reserve World Stallion title. Royally bred to both the Gazal al Shaqab and Padrons Psyche sirelines, RHR Heir of Marwan has much to offer.

RHR Heir of Marwan Al Dawla Arabians
Credit Sorvillo

“He is my dream horse,” smiles Diaa Karaali, owner of RHR Heir of Marwan and Al Dawla Arabians – previously known as Southern Chariot Stud. Originally from Lebanon, Diaa moved to Australia when he was eight years old, by which time he already had a deep-rooted and inherent love for the Arabian horse. “The first time I saw Heir, it was as though there was a visceral reaction, as he reminded me of when I was a child, and my father took me to see an Arabian stallion. That moment was when I first fell in love with the Arabian breed – and when I saw Heir, I fell in love with the breed all over again.”

RHR Heir of Marwan was bred in the US by Roger and Stephanie McMahon of Running Horse Ranch in Washington, USA. He is sired by Marwan al Shaqab, from one of the greatest sire lines in history, being by Gazal al Shaqab (Anaza el Farid x Kajora) and out of Little Liza Fame (Fame VF x Katahza). The Egyptian/Polish bloodlines, with that dash of Gainey and Crabbet blood, resulted in a truly dynamic stallion who has produced an inordinate number of champions around the world – of which RHR Heir of Marwan is one.

RHR Heir of Marwan Al Dawla Stud Stuart Vesty The Arabian Magazine
Credit Stuart Vesty (and lead photo)

Looking to the damline – and it is worth noting that Diaa truly appreciates the importance of the tail female line, as have many great breeders before him – RHR Heir of Marwan is out of LC Psychesheiress, a daughter of the legendary Padrons Psyche (Patron x Kilika) and out of the Egyptian/Polish cross, Jamaara FA, sired by Ali Jamaal (Ruminaja Ali x Heritage Memory) and out of NV Tiara Bey (Bey Shah x Ramaseyna). This cross, of Psyche with Marwan, resulted in the elegant, typey, refined 2007 chestnut, RHR Heir of Marwan.

Having been shown in the US, the colt was sold to Australia as a two-year old in 2009, that same year I fell in love with him in Vegas. RHR Heir of Marwan would go on to be named Australian National Champion Stallion in 2014 and would take the New South Wales Triple Crown title that same year, winning the National Stud Show as well as the East Coast and ‘Aussies’. However, 2014 was significant in Heir’s history for a different reason, as that was the same year when Diaa first fell under the spell of this charismatic stallion.

RHR Heir of Marwan
Credit Sorvilo

“For me, it was love at first sight. He reminded me so much of that chestnut Arabian stallion I had seen as a child, and I knew that I had to own him – and be owned by him. At that time, I was still a relative newcomer in the Australian Arabian show scene, but I loved this horse. It took two years, and a lot of tears, before Heir came to me.”

The following year, in 2017, Diaa took RHR Heir of Marwan to the East Coast Championships, where he took the Stallion Championship in style. The following month, he returned to the Australian Nationals where RHR Heir of Marwan made history by becoming the first purebred Arabian to win the Australian National Championship Stallion title twice.

Having reinforced his success in Australia, RHR Heir of Marwan headed to Europe, where he continued to shine, winning his class and taking the Bronze Senior Male Championship at the Milan International Arabian Horse Show. From there, it was on to the European title shows, where RHR Heir of Marwan won deep classes at both the All Nations’ Cup in Aachen and the Paris World Championships.

From there, Heir came back to Australia – and Diaa. “I already had a collection of Arabian mares to breed from, but when Heir came back, I re-evaluated the qualities and strengths that he had and brought in some new mares, just for him. I love the strength that the Crabbet mare can give to a programme, and I always look at the tail female line – something that is so important in Arabic culture. I like height and energy in my Arabian horse and, of course, beauty, and Heir is the right horse to add these qualities to his progeny.”

At this year’s Australian National Championships, Jazzaba al Dawla (ex Sa-Har Sweet Malody by GG Magnetism) was named Silver Australian National Champion Filly. However, Diaa has sent two RHR Heir of Marwan daughters to Belgium for training, the chestnuts Haneen al Dawla and Lulu al Dawla, who will turn two in August this year.

Jazzaba Al Dawla
Jazzaba al Dawla, 2021 Silver Australian Junior Female National Champion. Credit Glenys Lilley

Haneen al Dawla is out of Chelleason Crown Empressa, by Chelleason Crown Jewel (Gai el Jullyen x Sophia WV) and out of Europa SPA (Psytadel x Fairview Amira Enshallah). Very feminine and elegant, Haneen al Dawla is everything that Diaa would have hoped for from this cross, being tall and elegant, as well as typey and assured.

Haneen al Dawla
Haneen al Dawla. Credit Alessio

Lulu al Dawla, meanwhile, is out of Bandagold, by SK Shakla Khan (Sanadik el Shaklan x Sun King Raindrop) and out of Trystan Bandamira (Amir el Shaklan x Trystan Banderlera), who goes back to Rodania (d.b). More exotic than her stablemate, Lulu al Dawla has the same stamp as her paternal half-sister, and she is a joy to watch when turned loose.

Lulu al Dawla
Lulu al Dawla. Credit Alessio

A RHR Heir of Marwan son, bred and owned by Diaa, is currently in Jordan ready to take part in the Middle East Championships. This is Najm al Dawla, out of Obayana KA (Espressivo x Odalis de Nautiac), the 2017 Silver European Junior Female Champion. “I am very excited to see what Najm does,” says Diaa. “To be showing one of my own bred horses in the Middle East is very special to me.”

As for Heir, he and Diaa spend their days hacking out across the Hawkesbury area of new South Wales, something that ignited within Diaa a passion for endurance, but that is a story for another time. Diaa, a chartered structural engineer, likes nothing better than returning back to Al Dawla Arabians and spending time with Heir and looking at the latest foal crop, all while planning the next.

RHR Heir of Marwan in Paris
RHR Heir of Marwan in Paris. Credit Sweet Photography

“Heir truly is my soul horse. To have that connection is always special, but to have one as strong as this is a once in a lifetime thing. I am proud of my roots from Lebanon, and the Arabian horse is in my blood. With Heir, it was love at first sight, but it was also his character that captured me. He is soft and sweet and kind in the stable, yet turns it on in the show-ring, with his fiery, amazing show attitude. You just leave him to it and let him show himself – his presence and beauty come to the fore, and he simply captivates.”

RHR Heir of Marwan
LC Psychesheiress Marwan al Shaqab
Jamaara FA Padrons Psyche Little Liza Fame Gazal al Shaqab
NV Tiara Bey Ali Jamaal Kilika Padron Katahza Fame VF Kajora Anaza el Farid


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