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On the Cover: Nada Al Shahania

We are going back to May 2013 for this latest look back at our previous cover stars. Nada Al Shahania (Besson Carol x MFA Annie’s Song) was bred in the US and chosen by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Thani to join Al Shahania Stud in Qatar as a three-week old filly. Below is her story, as written at the time.

Cover The Arabian Magazine Nada Al Shahania Besson Carol Al Shahania Stud The Arabian Magazine The beautiful grey filly Nada Al Shahania is this edition’s cover star. Bred in the United States, she is owned by Al Shahania Stud in Qatar, the wonderful and peaceful farm owned by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Thani.

This filly came to the famed Al Shahania Stud as the direct result of HH Sheikh peering into a stall and asking “who is that beautiful filly?” At only three weeks of age, she was supremely beautiful and caught the attention of one of the great Arabian horse breeders of the world. Within minutes, she had a new owner and was named Nada Al Shahania. It was time for her story to begin.

Nada Al Shahania
Credit Gigi Grasso

When just a yearling, she made her debut in the Scottsdale show-ring, where she was Reserve Champion Filly in the international classes. From there, she went on to the Arabian Breeders’ Alliance World Cup in Las Vegas, where she won the yearling division and was awarded the only 20s among all the fillies there.

After Las Vegas, Nada Al Shahania was rested and, as she was one of the favourites of the farm, the decision was made to travel her to Al Shahania’s farm in Doha, Qatar, where she would reside. At home in Doha, Nada has been a continual favourite of those that visit the stud, and her exotic beauty never fails to impress Arabian horse enthusiasts.

Nada Al Shahania Champion Scottsdale
Nada Al Shahania winninh in Scottsdale. Credit Osteen Schatzberg

Nada Al Shahania comes from a family rich in triumph and beauty. She carries the blood of Ali Jamaal on both sides of her pedigree. Her sire is Besson Carol, who today is enjoying worldwide popularity as a breeding stallion. He won many important tittles in his show career prior to being retired from the ring. His dam, perhaps one of the most beautiful mares ever, is by the legendary Ludjin El Jamaal. It is no accident that this filly has the ethereal beauty that captivates so many.

The Arabian Breeders' Magazine

With her incredible looks, Nada Al Shahania represents the promise of the next generation of Al Shahania Arabians. Today, after so beautifully decorating the stalls and pastures at Al Shahania, Nada will embark on her next adventure – the journey to Europe where her time has come to grace the arenas of this exacting continent. It has been asked, ‘how do you make a horse show better?’ The answer seems simple: fill the arena with the most beautiful horses in the world, and you will have a great horse show. Just by being there, Nada Al Shahania will make every show better.

Nada Al Shahania The Arabian Magazine cover
Credit Gigi Grasso

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