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Editorial – The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine Volume V Issue II

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Everyone’s worst nightmare came true on 6 June as a horse trailer, coming back from the Region 9 Show in Texas, USA, was hit by an 18-wheeler truck. Four of the horses on board were killed instantly. One of my best friends owned one of the horses, and they had taken the championship just a few days before this absolute tragedy. And while the ribbons and the garlands are wonderful perks of owning an Arabian horse, it is that unique bond that we have with each of them that means the world to us.

Every horse is so unique in character and in personality. We bond with each of them in a different way. Some you have to be the boss of, others you know when to give them room. And some, those oh so special ones, become your soul mate, your horse of a lifetime and spending time with them brings such sheer joy and happiness.

The Arabian Breeders' Magazine Herodotus Al Shiraa
The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine Volume V Issue II – cover star Herodotus Al Shiraa

I think that the events of the last year, with the global pandemic, we have all turned to our four-legged friends more than ever – to spend time with, to talk to (we all do it), and to take on hacks and trail rides as we bid to escape the day-to-day life of living in a lockdown. Our relationships with our horses – and cats, dogs, and other animals – has become more special than ever, more intense. So when that bond is ripped away from you, it leaves pain, confusion, and devastation.

The wonderful thing about the Arabian horse community is that they do all pull together. Not just in this terrible accident, where help and support has been offered to those affected, but in every day situations. How many times do you go on social media to see someone asking for advice, or a specific piece of tack, and there are countless, positive replies. It is heartening to see. And, even though the world has become a much smaller place since the start of 2020, the ripples of shared love for the Arabian breed, and support for those in need, is stronger than ever.

I often think back to the time of Lady Anne Blunt and her journeys to the desert. I wonder whether I would have been brave enough to do them myself, had I been around then. As the world slowly opens its borders, and closes them again, like a beating heart, I feel that we all need to be brave once more and begin to broaden our comfort zones again. It is all too comfortable to be here, in Norfolk, England, listening to birdsong and enjoying the countryside, rather than heading to shows and events around the world. But we all need to take that first step, and that time is now.

I know that my friend will continue to ride her horses. I know that she will continue to show, as will the trainers and other exhibitors involved in that horrific accident. It is all about taking that first step, and no matter how small that step is, it is still something that we need to do. Many have continued ahead over these last months, but the anxiety that many feel is real, and we all need to appreciate that. Now is the time for us to act like Lady Anne, and step out into the world once more – and do so with love, support, and positivity for others.

Our thoughts are with all of those involved in the tragic accident in Louisiana.


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