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Arabian Futurity Europe

Aachen, Germany, September 2016

Judges: Adel Abd El Razik; Dirk Dejonckheere; Josy Everars; Mohsen Al Gabry; Ralf Heckenbücker; Dr Marek Trela



Arabian Futurity Europe Foal Championship

Gold –HDM Marilyn (EKS Alihandro x Marbella HDM) (picture above)

Breeder: Haras Del Mar                      Owner: Ajman Stud


Sheikha Al Juman 

Silver – Sheikha Al Juman (RFI Farid x PF Panama)

Breeder: Al Juman Stud                      Owner: Al Juman Stud


Bronze – VDV Conquestador (Fayad Al Fayad x Gypsy Love NA)

Breeder: VDV Management Bvba      Owner: VDV Management Bvba


Top Five – Charlies Angel (QR Marc x Atheena)

Breeder: Wenche Roefs                      Owner: Wenche Roefs


VDV Conquestador

Top Five – Zennya Al Baydaa (SMA Magic One x Zennyatta)

Breeder: Al Baydaa Stud         Owner: Al Baydaa Stud







Madinat Al Baydaa

Arabian Futurity Europe Yearling Foal Championship

Gold – Madinat Al Baydaa (RFI Farid x TS Madeleine)

Breeder: Al Baydaa Stud                     Owner: Al Baydaa Stud


Silver – Mansour AM (Eks Alihandro x Abha Palma)

Breeder: Al Mohamadia Stud Owner: Al Mohamadia Stud


Bronze – DA Alihandra (Eks Alihandro x DA Miss Justice)

Breeder: Cornelia Kolnberger/Diamond Arabians     Owner: Cornelia Kolnberger/Diamond Arabians


Mansour AM

Top Five –Royal Amber Nwa (EKS Alihandro x Magdalina Nwa)

Breeder: NWA Arabians                      Owner: NWA Arabians


Top Five –MM Eivissa (Eks Alihandro x MM Eluise)

Breeder: Mario Matt Arabian             Owner: Mario Matt Arabians

DA Alihandra


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