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Emerald Trophy International B Show

Emerald Trophy International B Show

Words by Helen Hennekens-van Nes

Lead Picture: Pistorius 

The 12th edition of the Emerald Trophy is traditionally held on the first weekend of July, and this year’s dates fell on 2/3 July. Organiser Kay Hennekens has lots of experience arranging shows such as this, and it was with great pleasure to welcome so many great horses to Brecht from so many different countries.

Judges team were Leslie Connor from the USA, Allan Preston from Australia, Cedes Bakker from the Netherlands, Mark Ismer from Germany, and also probationer judge Martine van Hee from Belgium. There was a lot of preparation of the ground needed due to the bad weather the weeks before. However, the show-ring was in good condition, despite all the rain, and there was only a three minute shower during the show; the rest of the day, the weather was nice.

The show started with the gelding class, won by the young horse Pistorius (by EKS Alihandro), bred and owned by Athbah Stud from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He scored a total of 90.52 points. Second to him was Prince Psyche (by Psyches Image R) bred and owned by Ess Jay Arabians from the UK, with 89.90 points.

El Naaylah AO

The class to follow was the yearling filly class, with lots of nice and typey entries. The quality of horses at this show was high, with good scores given overall. This class was won by H Emalee H (by Jaipeur el Perseus), bred in the US by Hennessy Arabians and owned by Al Shaqr Stud from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She scored a total of 90.73 points. Runner up in this class was El Naaylah AO (by Makisa Adaggio) bred and owned by Arabian Obsession from Belgium with a nice score of 89.90 points.

Malikat el Moluk

The two-year-old filly class had seven entries and there were some lovely fillies that could really move. The class winner was Malikat el Moluk, a pretty grey by Mamluk bred by Alt Arabians from Israel and owned by Al Khashab Stud. She scored 91.88 points. Second to her was Bint Seduction HBV (by WH Justice), bred by Haras Boa Vista from Brazil and owned by AlSayed Stud KSA, who scored 91.58 points.

JB Precious

The three-year-old filly class was won by the lovely grey JB Precious. She is by Al Fakhir and is bred and owned by Oppreva Arabians from Sweden. She scored 89.43 points. She was followed by Grenada al Borak, a nice grey filly by Moby J, bred and owned by Gideon Reisel, with 88.75 points.

The foal classes were the next to follow, starting with the fillies. The class was won by an adorable filly named Fadhila J, sired by Emerald J, bred and owned by Jadem Arabians from Belgium. She scored 91.04 points. Second to her was Forelocks Yinx (by FS Reflection), bred and owned by Forelocks Arabians with 90.10 points.

Fadhila J

The colt foals was won by Galliano J (by Shiraz de Lafon), bred and owned by Jadem Arabians and he scored a nice 90.30 points. Second to him was KAS Vince (by Ajman Moniscione), bred and owned by Wenche Roefs. This little grey colt with the cute face scored 89.38 points.

The Foal Championships followed, with the Gold going to Fadhila J, the Silver to Forelocks Yinx and the Bronze to Galliano J.

Forelocks Yinx  Galliano J

The yearling colt class was next and there were six entries in this class. Again, there was high quality and this was a super class to watch. The winner was Mansour AM (by EKS Alihandro), bred and owned by Al Mohamadia from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who scored 91.15. Second to him was Dahab UMM (by MCA Magnum Gold) bred by Möell & Möell Arabians and owned by Schoukens Training Center from Belgium, with 90.52 points.

SJ Afzal

The two-year-old colt class only had two entries and was won by the lovely chestnut colt Magnums Volcan KA (by QR Marc), owned and bred by Knocke Arabians from Belgium with 91.15 points. Second place went to SJ Afzal (by Fever Najih), owned and bred by Ess Jay Arabians from the UK, with 88.54 points.

There were also just two entries in the three-year-old colt class, and the winner was Nadir dello Jato (by Shanghai EA), bred by Dario La Milia and owned by AL Mai Stud from Kuwait. He scored 90.33 points. Second in this class was Gigi L Amoroso (by Ajman Moniscione), bred and owned by Wenche Roefs from Belgium.

Nadir dello Jato 

The following lunch break gave spectators plenty of time to rest and to visit the stables of Flaxman Arabians. The classes resumed with the traditional young handlers class.

There were some very nice entries and every child was accompanied by an adult to guide them in the ring. The class was won by Niels Wilms with Estarda (by Ekstern), owned and bred by Peter Wilms. All other entries received second place. They were given a nice bag with brushes, a nice trophy or medal and, of course, as rosette! This class has the most fans of the day.

Makisa Moulin Rouge

The senior classes started with the four-to-six-year-old mares, and there were some lovely mares entered. Indeed, good quality mares were shown across all the classes. The class winner was Valentino’s Angel MI (by DA Valentino), bred in Australia by Mulawa Arabian Stud and owned by Al Mohamadia Stud. This mare had the highest score of the show with 93.23 points. Second to her was the pretty mare Fer Lisaline (by Gual Ghorki) bred in Mallorca by Ferrero Stud and owned by Javier Echarri from Spain. She scored 91.67 points.

Mawie Star

The next class was the class for the aged seven-to-ten years and the winner was Makisa Moulin Rouge (by WH Justice), bred by Lisa Walsh and owned by Al Baydaa Stud from Egypt. She scored 90.73 points. Second to her was the pretty mare Mawie Star (by Om el Bendigo), bred by Fontanella Arabians from Italy, with a score of 90.21 points.

The senior mare class for those aged 11 years and older had only two entries. This was won by the 16-year-old GAA Millenia (by Magnum Psyche), bred by D Gilligan from the USA and owned by Lutetia Arabians from France. Second to her was Nesj El Khisaya (by Khidar) owned and bred by Nesj Arabians from Belgium. Both mares scored 90 points, with the type marks placing GAA Millenia higher.

GAA Millenia 

The stallion classes were next, starting with the four-to-six-year-old stallions. The class winner was the very typey grey stallion BB Jawhar El Than (by Raffael El Than), bred by Mrs Bakker and owned by Mrs Zeevenhoven. He scored 91.11 points. Second in this strong class was the trotting machine of this show, Nader Zaman El Shajer (by Om el Bellisimo), bred by Janów Podlaski from Poland and owned by Sheikh Ali Naser Al Ali Asabah, with a score of 90.83 points.

AR Fayyim 

The last class was for stallions aged seven years and over, and there were two horses forward. The winner Winner was the pretty white stallion AR Fayyim (by Valerio Ibn Eternity), bred by Mrs Lopez Y van Bremen and owned by Mrs Van Heiningen. Fayyim scored 89.69 points, and Mrs van Heiningen received a special award for being a most loyal participant of the show. Second in this class was the oldest horse participating this year, Amoroso de Salvadora, who scored 88.54 points. By Arabian Beauty, he was bred by the Maxwell family and is owned by Suzanna Hayward from France.

The championships followed, starting with the Junior Female Championship. Gold went to Malikat el Moluk with Bint Seduction HBV in Silver and H Emalee H Bronze.

Mansour AM won the Gold Junior Male Championship, with Magnums Volcan Silver and Nadir Dello Jato in Bronze.

Valentino’s Angel MI took the Gold Senior Female Championship ahead of Fer Lisaline in Silver and Makisa Moulin Rouge in Bronze.

Valentino’s Angel MI 

In the Senior Male Championship, Gold went to BB Jawhar el Than, Silver to Nader Zaman Al Shajer and Bronze to AR Fayyim.

BB Jawhar el Than

The final prizes went to Zenobia KA (Mikado KA x Zafia D’Elzenwalle), owned and bred by Knocke Arabians, for Best Belgium Bred, while the Best in Show was awarded to Valentino´s Angel MI.

We look forward to welcoming you all here next year!


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