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East Coast Arabian Championships 2019

This year, the East Coast Arabian Championships was held in conjunction with the start of the World Arabian Horse Organisation Conference (WAHO), and it was with great pleasure that Australia welcomed delegates from all over the world to see a parade of our Arabian and Derivative horses at the Finals night of the East Coast Arabian Championships.

Italian Judge Christian Moschini put in a marathon effort judging all led derivative classes, including non-pro and double registered, over the four days as well as being one of the five judges who adjudicated the purebred halter classes.

The very well respected international judges Cindy Reich (USA) and Dr Marek Trela (Poland) joined Annette Vickery (NSW) and Kerry Rogers (VIC) to round out the purebred judging team on Friday, with the highest and lowest scores for each horse dropped and the eventual highest-scoring horses winning each class. There was no comparative judging, and the top horses were paraded back in on the Saturday finals night to receive their awards.

The Purebred East Coast Champions were:

Yearling Filly – Klassical Tiara MI (Klass x Mustang’s Magnum), Mulawa Arabians

Yearling Gelding – Vitori KA (Victorious KA x Farrah KA), Olivia Cleary

Vitori KA. 

Yearling Colt – Justifyed KS (Justin MI x Mystica Pandora), Christie Boyland

Justifyed KS.

Two/three-year old Filly – Estaa SW (Sir Charmed FF x Estellaa), Meredith Prentice

Estaa SW. 

Two/three-year old Gelding – Bogart MI (Advise MI x LLC Briana), Katherine Hopkins

Bogart MI. 

Two/three-year old Colt – Truth MI (Allegiance MI x DM Marcedes True Love), Greg, Julie and Jane Farrell

Truth MI. 

Four-to-eight-year old Mare – Venecia MI (Allegiance MI x Valentine MI) , Greg, Julie and Jane Farrell

Venecia MI.

Four-to-eight-year old Gelding – Allegiant MI (Allegiance MI x MI Angel), Ricky Carver and Carlie Beer

Allegiant MI. Credit Glenys Lilley. 

Four-to-eight-year old Stallion – Renaissance (Chellea Son Crown Jewel x Bacchante Evangeline), Diane Wright

Renaissance. Credit Glenys Lilley.

Broodmare – Karess, (Magnum Forty four x Mulawa Kara Mia MI), Mulawa Stud

Karess. Credit Glenys Lilley.

Senior Gelding Chelleason el Lorenzo (Gai El Jullyen x Cool rain Essence Of Gold), Kahla Hall

Senior Mare – Adiva (Craveff x Avondale Fanfare), Olivia Cleary

Adiva. Credit Glenys Lilley.

Senior Stallion – Maximilliano (Guiliano x Mustang’s Magnum), Shane Edwards Arabians

Maximilliano. Credit Glenys Lilley. 

Maximilliano getting a kiss from his owner Kay. Credit Glenys Lilley. 

Kerry and Annette also judged most of the performance classes between them, with guest judge Allan Preston judging the Future Farms three-year old Challenge class won by Faith KC (Gem Park Orlando x Cool Breeze Charm) owned by M Patterson and C Akehurst. He also judged the purebred liberty, won by Fire Alert (TS AL Malik x Fire Flame) Mulawa stud and with Crown of Gold WPA (Chelleason Crown Jewel x Chelleason Allure Of Gold)  taking the derivative section. Karen Pet presided over the prestigious East Coast Cups, won by Southdown Orlando (Shiraz black x Gwaihir’s jazzstar) in the derivative section, Mystica Abbas (LC prince Magnum x Princess of Marwan) in the purebred, and Sonos Park Timeless Encore (Royalwood boy Soprano x Goldsky) in the API section.

Mystic Abbas.

Southdown Orlando.

Native Costume.

The standout ridden horses of the show were Southdown Orlando and Angela Delamont who won the Derivative Freestyle, the Derivative East Coast Cup, Triple Crown Award and Grand Champion Saddle Horse of the Show; Butterfly FF (Craveff x Krystal Park Buckwheat), owned by Ricky Carver and Carlie Beer, who won the Shiranna Ridden Sash, Supreme Arabian Pony under saddle, Supreme Non-pro Ridden and Runner up Grand Champion Saddle Horse of the show; and Gentry Park Take Note (Lyrics x Glyndebourne Scuzi-Me), owned by K Avramidis, who at just his third show under saddle won the Best Ridden Show Jack, Supreme Newcomer under Saddle, Supreme Double Registered Ridden and Supreme Young Horse Ridden.

Butterfly FF.

Foxwood Lady Chatterley-Supreme.

The Grand Champion Led Junior Derivative was Royalwood Touch of Lyric (Royalwood Boy Soprano x Rathowen Touchwood) for T Banks and S Oberg, with Foxwood Lady Chatterley (Nalla Ca Sanova x Nawarrah Park Pink Lady) runner up for L Partington and L Davies.

Royalwood Touch Of Lyric.

Gentry Park Take Note.

The Grand Champion Led Senior Derivative was Roseglen Crown Royale (Chellea Son Crown Jewel x Roseglen Shaakira) for C Cunningham with K Parington’s Diamond Road Abrax (Shakla’s Ecplise x Amaki’s Impre’vu) the runner up.

Roseglen Crown Royale. 

Brampton Divine Love.

Photography by Glenys Lilley.  


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