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On the Cover: Farres

Sharing another of our archive covers, from when The Arabian Magazine was in print only and before The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine came along to replace it. We are going back to December 2008 for this cover, the straight Egyptian stallion Farres, photographed by the late Irina Filsinger. The story below is as it appeared in print at that time.

Farres straight Egyptian The Arabian Magazine cover star stallion

When picturing a stallion in your mind, you invariably imagine an ethereal white stallion, the mystical horse from fairy tales that captured us when we were children. As you grow older, you realise that there is a wide range of stallions to capture your every mood and expectation as a breeder. But the image of the fairy-tale stallion remains and while there are few who fully fill the idyll, the straight Egyptian Farres is certainly one that does. Proud, majestic and typey with a long neck, a beautiful eye and a gentle grace about him, Farres has not only won titles across the world, he is also a successful sire, continuing his great pedigree for future generations to enjoy.

The fairytale stallion Farres

Bred in the US and now at home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Farres has impeccable bloodlines, combining some of the best straight Egyptian horses in the world. His sire is Anaza El Farid (ex Bint Deenaa), a son of the immortal Ruminaja Al. A World Top Ten Stallion and US Egyptian Event Supreme Champion, Anaza El Farid has sired some beautiful horses, of which Farres is just one. Farres’ dam is Shameerah (MFA Mareekh Amir x AK Shahniya), also an US Egyptian Event champion.

Farres on his way to the Senior Male Championship in Riyadh

Born in 1995, Farres was purchased by Karija Arabians in Canada in 1999 and initially shown in the US, where he was a two-time winner at the US Egyptian Event. Farres also went Top Five at Scottsdale as well as Top Ten at the US Nationals. Still under the ownership of Karija Arabians, Farres then came to Europe where he took the Senior Male Reserve Championship titles at the Wels International A Show and the Egyptian Event Europe in 2003. The following year, Farres was named Senior Male Champion at the 2004 Egyptian Event Europe.


In 2005, Farres was sold to HH Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Saud, owner of Al Mohamadiah Stud in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, best known as being the proud owner of the highly successful 2008 European Champion Filly Abha Palma (Marwan Al Shaqab x Abha Ghazali). Shown in 2007 at the First Riyadh Arabian Horse Show, Farres was crowned Senior Male Champion to the delight of all.

As well as being a successful show horse, Farres has also been an impressive sire with his get including the dynamic Ansata Qasim (ex MB Moneena), a big winner in the US and one of the few stallions that the Ansata Stud has retained. Among Farres’ progeny in Europe is Farid HP (ex The Princess of Egypt), second at both the 2007 Emerald Trophy and Egyptian Event Europe.

Farres Riyadh Show HH Prince Abdullah bin Fahad Al Mohamadia Stud
Farres at the 2007 Riyadh Show with his owner HH Prince Abdullah bin Fahad

Since his arrival in Saudi Arabia, Farres has proved to be a great sire and his progeny for Al Mohamadiah include Sultan Al Mohamadiah (ex Akiysha Moon DMF), a two-year-old colt who took the Reserve Junior Male title at the First Riyadh Arabian Horse Show. His young daughters Salma Al Mohamadia (ex Galva), Jawaharat Al Mohamadia (ex IWF Shahnia) and Nouf Al Mohamadia (exx Min Mins Magnolia) have all been very successful class winners this season.

At just 13 years old, Farres still has much to offer and he remains a favourite for all at Al Mohamadia Stud. The true fairytale stallion, Farres certainly has it all.

Farres straight Egyptian stallion cover star The Arabian Magazine

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