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Emerald Trophy European Amateur Cup Brecht 2 July 2016

Emerald Trophy European Amateur Cup Brecht 2 July 2016

Words by Helen Hennekens-van Nes

For several years, Kay Hennekens has been organising his Emerald Trophy in Brecht on the terrains of Molenveld Stud in Belgium. This year again, just like previous years, he is doing something more for his amateurs. Under the flag of AlJassimya Farm, a very nice show was put together for amateurs of all levels to give them a good experience. Judges were: Ann Green from the UK, Karin Zeevenhoven from Germany, and Eline Raes from Belgium. Classes were judged with the regular point system, but with two extra scores to give one for harmony – the relation between horse and handler – and the other for the technical presentation of the horse. So a competitor could score in a lot of different ways!

The show started with the novice gelding class with six entries. The class was won by Fa Emerald (by Kar Tiburon) bred and owned by Flaxman Arabians and shown to the win by Priscilla de la Ruelle with a total score of 90.6 points. Second in the class was Fajro RJ (by Gloriet Psyche,) bred owned and shown by Joyce Rosowski with a score of 88.81. Third in the class was Fa Dubai by Niyashin, also bred by Flaxman Arabians, owned by Sabien Ruysevelts and shown by Evi Verstrepen to 88.57 points.

The class of amateur geldings only had one entry. This was Fa Mikhail a nice two-year-old bay by Black Diamond LDA, bred and owned by Flaxman Arabians and shown by Marwan Ben Nasr to a nice score of 90.12 points.

Experienced geldings was a nice class with three horses that had been champion before in other shows. The class was won by Emirzo (by Enzo) bred in Poland at Michalów State Stud, owned by Flaxman Arabians and shown by Koen Hennekens to a score of 90.83 points. Second to him was Aclass kossack (by Pristice Kossack) bred in the Netherlands by the Kossack Stud and owned by Flaxman Arabians, shown to a score of 90.60 points by Marwen Ben Nasr. Third in this class the former Silver European Champion Gelding Prince Psyche (by Psyche Fire Edition R) bred and owned by Ess Jay Arabians from the UK shown by Sian Beeley to 88.45 points.

As there were so many entries for the novice mare class, it was split in two groups according to age. First class were the older girls, all 10 years and older, a very nice group of horses with seven mares in this class. The winner was the 16-year-old GAA Millenia (by Magnum Psyche), bred by D Giligan in the US and owned by Lutetia Arabians from France. She was shown by Isaac Duran to earn a score of 89.88 points. Second in this class was F&M Umojka (by AF Umoyo), bred and owned by F&M Arabians from Holland shown by Femke Maat. She received 89,64 points and was the second oldest mare in this class at 15 years. Third in this class was AJM Amba (by AJM Amirash), bred by Mrs Mayr from Germany, owned and shown by Heidi Rottiers from Belgium. This beautiful black mare received 88.81 points.

The second class of novice mares was won by Blush Bint Eternity D (by Eternity Ibn Navaronné-D), bred by Dion Arabians, owned by Nesj Arabians and shown by Yenthe Everars. This was Yenthe’s debut in the show-ring and he did really well, scoring 90.12 points, a score to be proud of and very nicely done in such a big class. Second went to Om el Batala Alaam (by Alfabia Ajib) bred by Om El Arab in the USA and owned by Flaxman Arabians. She was to 89.76 points by Priscila de la Ruelle. Third in this class with 88.57 points was Bint Shaila (by Jaro D Eversam), bred in Denmark by Marianne Tengstedt, owned by Ils van Dun and shown by Jozef Verboven. What a joy to watch this class with seven competitors of all ages, all very enthusiastic and having so much fun! Most of these handers were coached by some professional handlers such as Johanna Ullström, Juan Murillo and Peter Wilms, who put in lots of effort to guide these amateurs.

The next class was the class for amateur mares with four entries. The class was won by A Dream of Kossack (by WH Justice) owned and bred by the Kossack Stud from the Netherlands and shown to 90.95 points by Tjerry Den Hartog; well done at 17 years of age! This is the second year Tjerry has show-ring experience. Second to him was Estarda (by Ekstern), owned and bred by Peter Wilms shown by his son, Niels Wilms. She scored 89.64 points. Third was Elita, also by Eksten daughter, owned and bred by Agmal Arabians from South Africa and shown to 89.52 points by Rebecca Uggeldahl.

The class for experienced amateur mares had one entry only. This was Dorsenia (by Kabsztad), bred in Poland by Michalów State Stud and owned by Flaxman Arabians. He was shown by Koen Hennekens to a score of 91.31 points.

Novice stallions had one entry only, a very pretty pinto with a nice score of 88.33 points. This was A Q’T Guy (by Klepholms Ikarios), bred and owned and shown by Jessy Loockx, who had a very busy day as he was also entered in the trail in-hand class later on.

The amateur stallion class was fun to watch as there were two entries, both of which are of very good quality. The class was won by Esfahan, a bay by Ekstern, bred in Poland by Janów Podlaski State Stud and shown to the win by Koen Hennekens with 92.14 points. Second to him was the very impressive chestnut stallion Primeval Kossack (by Stival), bred and owned by the Kossack Stud from The Netherlands. He was shown very well by Tjerry Den Hartog to receive 90.71 points.

The next class was for the experienced amateur stallions, and this had just the one entry. This was the 18 years young Amaroso de Salvadora (by Arabian Beauty), bred in the UK by the Maxwell family and owned by Suzanna Hayward from France. She showed him to a good score of 88.93 points.

The lunch break followed and then the programme continued with the classic pleasure class. This was judged by Paulette Zorn from the Netherlands and Marc Somerhausen from Belgium. The winner was the bay mare Aviv Shakira (by Bas Safari), bred by Marieke Westra and owned and ridden by Kelsey den Exter. She scored 12 points in total. Second to her was the big chestnut gelding Cuba (by Arben) bred by G Hoogerwerf, owned by Anja Dopper and ridden by Vera Dopper with a total of 10 points. Third in this class was the fleabitten mare Manresa (by Werbum) bred in Poland by Michalów State Stud and owned by Agmal Arabians from South Africa. She was ridden by Rebekka Uggedahl to a score of eight points.

Next up was the western pleasure class, and there were only three in this class. The win went to Ashraf al Shams (by Ajman Moniscione), bred by Sax Arabians in Germany and owned and ridden by Canisia Romani. He was a very nice impressive chestnut gelding with good movement. Second in this class was Yanour Hayati, a bay stallion by JK Catalyst, bred, owned and ridden by Yildiz Horsten from the Netherlands. Third in the class was Kas Jack (by Kubinec), a chestnut gelding with very special blue eye. He was bred by Aad Kuijf and is owned by Julie Gebruers.

After a short break, we had the hunter pleasure class with two competitors. This class is very exciting to see as it is ridden very forward and with lots of good motion. The winner in this class was Yanour Hayati, which is even more rewarding as she had also started in the previous class. Second place went to WW Indih, a very nice QR Marc daughter bred by W-Arabians in Sweden and owned by Haras Sahara from Brazil. She was ridden by Stefanie Bovens. 

Next up were the foal classes, with one entry in the novice foal class. This was Catan, a palomino pinto colt foal by A Qt Guy, bred and owned by Anke van Damme and shown by Remco van der Vliet. He scored 88.93 points.

In the experienced foal class, there was also one entry, F&M Meshia (by BB Escondhio), bred and owned by F&M Arabians and shown by Isa vd Sluis. They did very well to score a total of 89.88 points.

A big class of novice junior fillies entered the ring with eight horses forward. This nice class was won by MP Jawa Al Jassimya, a nice bay yearling filly by WH Justice bred in the US by Mindy Peters and AlJassimya Farm. Owned by Flaxman Arabians, she was shown to the win by Priscilla de la Ruelle, and scored 90.6 points Second in this strong class was Forelocks Fiorenza (by Bashir al Shaqab). Bred and owned by Forelocks Arabians, she was shown by Isa vd Sluis to score 89.29 points. Third in this class was Agmal Dayita (by RP Burj Al Arab), bred and owned by Agmal Arabians and shown by Michele Boelen, to a nice score of 89.17 points.

The amateur fillies had four entries and this class was won by F&M Karmaya (by Kubay Khan), bred and owned by F&M Arabians and shown by 15 year old Isa vd Sluis, who did very well. She scored 90.24 points. Second to her was CNC Phyns Poezie (by Poker), owned and bred by CNC Arabians and shown by Cristina Doornberg. A nice, good-moving bay filly she scored 88.93 points. Third in this class was Shahlaa JJ (by Borsalino K), bred and owned by Johanna Ullström and shown by Simon Bollengier to a score 87.86points.

There were three entries in the experienced filly class. The winner was Akanza Kossack (by Kanz Albidayer), bred by the Kossack Stud and owned by Iman Polami. She was shown by Tjerry Den Hartog to 89.88 points. Second was Forelocks Ynicon (by Bashir Al Shaqab), bred and owned by Forelocks Arabians and shown by Wendy Delvalle to 89.52 points. Third went to Shakara (by Sharahm) bred by Agmal Arabians and owned and shown by Nathalie Gerard to 88.33 points.

The novice colt class also had only three entries. The winner of this class was Wanderos, a son of Shanghai EA bred by Pawel Redestowicz in Poland and owned by Paul van Craenenbroeck in Belgium. Shown by Sien Buedts, Wanderos scored 88.23 points. Second was Kanz’s Krepydo (by Kanz Albidayer), bred by Veronique van Roie and owned and shown by Erwin Beyens, to scored 87.26 points. Third was A Dream Shalimar, a nice palomino colt by Shamael Apal, bred and owned by Arabian Dream Horses. He was shown by Sophie Joseph to 86.79 points.

Only one entry came forward in the amateur colts. This was Fa Munir (by GH Meknes), bred and owned by Flaxman Arabians and shown by Marwen Ben Nasr to 89.52 points.

The experienced colts had three entries and the class was won by TA Kaifaz (by Sharahm), bred and owned by Tarenas Arabstuteri from Sweden shown by Stefanie Bovens to 89.11 points. Second was a chestnut colt from the UK, SJ Afzal (by Fever Najih), bred and owned by Ess Jay Arabians and shown by Sian Beeley. Third in this class was Gigi L Amoroso, a nice grey colt by Ajman Moniscione bred and owned by Wenche Roefs shown by Isaac Duran from Spain to 88.21 points.

After these classes, the show-ring was transformed into a nice trail parcours for the in-hand trail class. We had 15 entries and seven horses were placed in the ribbons. This was a very nice new class with a lot of fans who have been practicing the whole winter on several locations across Belgium to get to know this discipline.

First place Chalitchandara Blue Moon (by RA Moon Ibn Tarok D), bred by Pieter Behets and shown and owned by Ginny van Gestel. This combination also won the trail class under saddle, which was very well done, and Chalitchandara is an example of how it should be done. Second place Ashraf al Shams (by Ajman Moniscione) bred by Sax Arabians and shown and owned by Canisia Romani. Third place went to AJM Amba (by AJM Amirash) bred in Germany by J Mayr and shown and owned by Heidi Rottiers.

The last part of this long day was the Championships. There were three championships, and only the first placed horses could come back to compete against each other.

The Best in Show Novice went to MP Jawa Al Jassimya, shown by Priscilla de la Ruelle. The Best in Show Amateur was Esfahan by Ekstern, shown by Koen Hennekens. And the Best in Show Experienced was Dorsenia, also shown by Koen Hennekens.

The show had small classes but there was good quality and good competition throughout. The whole atmosphere was very relaxed with people supporting each other, and it is good that this still exists. This show had a fun atmosphere, and we look forward to running it again in the future. Thank you to all the officials, ring stewards, judges and DCs for making this show happen. 


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