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Zoetis helps BHS members learn about worming

Zoetis helps BHS members learn about worming

London, UK, October 5 2017 – Zoetis UK today announced that Zoetis are helping The British Horse Society (BHS) candidates stay up to speed with the latest information about equine worming. They have recently produced a worm control module for the Society’s Stage 3 Care Award and Zoetis Vet Wendy Talbot was also invited to share the latest knowledge on worm control at the BHS Conference last week.

Worms can cause serious and potentially fatal disease in horses.1 It is crucial to follow a responsible, sustainable and up-to-date worm control programme to help keep horses healthy and performing at their best.

As part of the recent overhaul of its equestrian learning qualifications the BHS recently welcomed Zoetis’ suggestion of introducing a module on Sustainable Worm Control to the Stage 3 Care Award for UK candidates. The module provides an overview of the principles underlying effective worm control for adult horses. It covers:


  • ·      The goals of worm control
  • ·      The worms affecting horses and the key stages in their lifecycles
  • ·      The available worming drugs and their spectrum of activity
  • ·      The principles of resistance and how it affects the decisions made in an equine worm control plan
  • ·      How to build an effective and sustainable parasite control plan

As a reflection of the importance the BHS places on good worming practice the module officially sits as a co-requisite part of the Stage 3 Care assessment meaning that candidates will not achieve their Stage 3 Award unless they pass this module.

To help spread the word about good worming practice Dr Wendy Talbot BVSC CertEM (Int Med) DECEIM MRCVS the National Equine Veterinary Manager at Zoetis, was also invited to speak about best worm control practice at the annual BHS Welfare Conference last month.

Alex Copeland, Director of Education at the BHS said: “In order to give our candidates the widest possible support we are pleased to be able to partner with technical experts, such as Zoetis, across the whole equestrian industry. Working with Dr Talbot and the Zoetis team on worm control ensures we can provide the latest evidence-based scientific information to help our candidates keep their horses in the best health at all times.”

Penny McCann, Equine Product Manager at Zoetis continued: “Methods of worm control are constantly being updated and it can be hard to keep on top of all the information out there. We are very excited to be working with the BHS, which offers some of the country’s most respected equine education opportunities, to help highlight the importance of gaining and maintaining the latest knowledge on worm control.”

To find out more about the BHS Stage 3 Sustainable worm Control module visit: www.bhs.org.uk/pathways

Visit www.horsedialog.co.uk to read some helpful articles on equine health and wellbeing.


 1.    AAEP parasite control guidelines, 2016

Image attached: Please credit Steve Bardens and www.brookfarmstables.co.uk 


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