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What next for Madjin?

What next for Madjin?


Elite British endurance competitor Tricia Hirst recently announced that her French-bred Anglo gelding, Madjin des Pins (Said Lotois x Perlingueta) is retiring from the sport after a stellar career that has spanned almost a decade. 

The 17 year old has over 3000km of competitive rides under his belt and his outstanding endurance results include winning the 120km 2* at Haywood Oaks, the 160km 3* at Dukeries and the 160km ER at Red Dragon in 2011. The following year he repeated the 120km 2* win at Haywood Oaks and competed at the World Endurance Championships at Euston Park. Tricia and Madjin cantered through thunder, lightning and torrential rain to cross the finish line after a testing 160km race. They placed 15th at an average speed of 22kph and Madjin looked in incredible shape at the end. In 2013 he won the 120km 2* at Haywood Oaks, and in 2014 he finished eighth in the 160km 3* in Monpazier in France. 

Tricia says, “It’s a difficult decision to retire Madjin from endurance, but he will now be starting a new career in dressage. My daughter Charlotte and I will share the ride and we’re really excited about it. He’s been such an amazing horse to own and compete. He has represented GB twice and these three photographs are all of Madjin finishing a 160km race. He is such a gentle horse, although at times he has been a very spirited ride and has pushed my riding ability to the limit. He now deserves a quieter life and I am hoping he will be with us for many years to come.” 


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