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The Nordic Open International

The Nordic Open International

Photography Simone Buchholtz Nedergaard 

As always, the Nordic Open International B show and riding event was a very well planned weekend. The weekend is a perfect illustration of the versatility of the arabian horse, as a spectacular show horse, a calm and sweet riding horse, as well as a perfect all round horse for young and adults.

113 horses participated all together, divided with 60 horses in the show, 14 in the amateur show and 36 registered for the riding event. This year the Nordic Open show was also hosting the Nordic Futurity Foal Show with 9 foals. Even we could all have wished for more horses to enjoy, all classes was completed except for the senior stallion class.

Summoned from around Europe were Mrs.Anna Stojanowska, Mr. Mrs Joanne Lowe, Mr.Gianmarco Aragno and Mr.Konraad Detailleur to judge the horses coming from all over the world.

The opening of the show was put in the hooves of the yearling fillies, a very nice group of nine young girls doing their best to start of the event. For many of them, it was their first show, but they surelydid a nice entry. 

 Junior Filly Gold Miami J

The first win of the show was the very pretty and feminine Miami J (RFI Maktub x Mojita/QR Marc), picture above, bred by Mrs.Christine Jamar, with impressive 91 points. Second was the Danish bred Wandorah (Ajman Moniscione x Wakhida by Khidar) owned by Husted Arabians just an inch in front of another Danish-bred horse, Bekanzha WZA (Kanz Albidayer x Berousha by Jawish Ibn Mashour), proudly bred and owned by Mette Levorsen. The two ladies in front of the class were, on Sunday, awarded with gold and bronze titles.

Junior Filly Silver Agmal Jahiddah

The two-year-old fillies had five entries of superb quality. As seen all over the world, WH Justice has made a deep impact on the show scene and still dominates without preference in bloodlines. Both the class winner and the second place were sired by Justice, out of very different damlines. Agmal Jahiddah out of the Polish dam Erabea (by Piber) was superior, with 91 points. She is bred and owned by Agmal Arabians in South Africa, managed and beautifully presented by Johanna Ullström who also led her to a Silver title later in the show. The very pretty WW Scarlett (ex Sasha Jullyen V by Jullyen El Jamaal) holds, despite her young age, her own group of fans here in Scandinavia, cheering her all the way in the ring. For sure, she is a treasure to her owners at Lindegaardens Arabstuteri from Sweden.

Junior Filly Bronze Wandorah

The three-year-old fillies posed six young ladies of impressive quality putting the judges skills to a test. It was minor differences which determined the outcome, rewarding the winner with 89.5 points and fifth place with 89.17 points, so it’s fair to say a very close race. The class winner was won by points from movements and was the very showy Shakara (Sharahm x Euskara by Ararat) with JB Precious (Al Fakhir x JB Prizcilla by El Amin) in her hoofprints challenging her. The same was true for third, the Danish-bred Wantasia scoring 89.33 points. Wantasia is by Juwel OS, who was leased by Husted Arabians into Denmark a few years back. Husted Arabians is also the proud breeder and owner of Wantasia, securing the damline by this beautiful daughter of Wanila (by Ansata Nile Pasha), who was put to sleep a few years ago.

 Junior Stallion Bronze Psencio

Then to the young boys, who started with a small group of yearlings. Just four youngsters, but the quality was still on top. Psencio (RFI Farid x JB Psynderella by CE Magnum), a tall bay colt that is not tainted with the sometimes lanky look young horses may have, won the class with 90.5 points. His beautiful appearance was rewarded on Sunday with a Bronze title. Psencio is proudly owned by Eriska Arabians of the UK. EKS Alihandro has sired many great offspring all over the world, and the second in this class is for sure one of them. UL Alonso (ex Sid Lavanda by El Sid), is an extremely showy colt, with huge dark eyes and a ‘look at me’ attitude. He still needs to mature as many of the young boys, but this colt will for sure be worth watching out for in the future. He is proudly bred by Ulrichsdal Arabians, Denmark, who had huge success breeding with El Sid some years back, holding a Silver Champion title from Paris.

Junior Stallion Silver TA Karezini

In the next class the audience was completely blown away by the extremely showy TA Karezini. This two-year-old colt absolutely had a wonderful time in the show-ring, confidently trusting his breeder and owner by his side, Andreas Nehm from Tärenäs Arabians. The chestnut colt, with his tail up his back, head high and an attitude to love, received 91 points from the judges. He was also awarded with a Silver Champion title on Sunday, after the Aljassimya bred Jeryan al Jassimya (ex Psierra by Padron Psyche) took the lead in the three-year-old class with very nice overall points. Jeryan was imported to Belgium last year by current owner Flaxman Arabians, who on Sunday could collect a Gold Champion Title with this beautiful young chestnut colt.

 Junior Stallion Gold Jeryan Al Jassimya 

The last class of the day was the youngest of the mares, and was won by Dorsenia (Kabsztad x Dombra by Eldon) with 92.17, which was also highest point of the show, which she shared with another mare of Polish heritage. This was Manresa (Werbum x Martynika by Monogramm), who was shown on Sunday in mares aged seven-to-ten years. Manresa was named Gold Champion with Dorsenia as Silver Champion on Sunday. Aria Delphine (El Nabila B x MC Bessona by Besson Carol) took the Bronze.

Top: Senior Mare Gold Manresa; Below left: Senior Mare Silver Dorsenia; Below right: Senior Mare Bronze Aria Delphine.
 Senior Stallion Silver Nader Zaman Al Shajer 


Sadly the senior stallion classes had a lack of entries, with just four stallions in all. Class winner of four-to-six-year-old class, and later awarded with the Gold Champion title, was the white showy stallion, currently on lease to Husted Arabians, Sultan Al Shaqab (Amir Al Shaqab x Abha Al Shaqab by Abha Fadil). The Silver Championship went to Nader Zaman Al Shajer (Om El Bellissimo x Nimba by Ekstern) from Kuwait. As the Bronze Champion was named Jaipur El Perseus (Perseus El Jamaal x Jullye El Ludjin by Ludjin El Jamaal) from the USA, this truly was a very international collection of stallions.

Senior Stallion Bronze  Jaipur El Perseus

Another attraction of the Nordic Open Show was the Futurity Cup which took place on Saturday. Nine foals had entered, either by buying a breeding via the auction held the year before, or by entering by payment. The Nordic Open Futurity Auction and Cup was only open to Nordic breeders and mare owners, and therefore exclusively for the Scandinavian breeders. Five fillies and four colts were presented before the judges, sired by the Futurity Stallions: RP Burj Al Arab (WH Justice x Pamira Bint Psytadel by Psytadel), Ajman Moniscione (WH Justice x Anthea Moniscione by Padrons Ghibli), Fadi Al Shaqab (Besson Carol x Abha Myra by Marwan Al Shaqab), EKS Alihandro (Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Psylhouette by Padrons Psyche), Equator (QR Marc x Ekliptyka by Ekstern), and Wadee Al Shaqab (Marwan Al Shaqab x OFW Mishaahl by Mishaah). For the Scandinavian breeders, the auction created huge interest, and calls for a huge thank you to the kind sponsors of breedings.

 Senior Stallion Gold Sultan Al Shaqab

The total amount of money to be divided for the participants in the cup was DKK 180,407.17 (£21,604 / €24,247 / $26,904).

The colt foals were definitely superior! No question about that, and the judges also awarded three colt foals in the top three! It was the very pretty Waliandro by EKS Alihandro out of Walena (by El Sid) bred by Husted Arabians, who won the Nordic Open Futurity Cup, taking the biggest prize money home. Second was a very young baby boy, by Fadi Al Shaqab out of Miss Dior NWA (by Marajj), bred by North West Arabian Horse Stud. Being very young, he was handled tightly, but still showed his beautiful type of head. Third was another Husted bred colt, a bay boy by Wadee Al Shaqab out of Wakhida (by Khidar).

 Futurity Gold Waliandro 
Futurity Silver, colt by Fadi Al Shaqab out of Miss Dior NWA   Futurity silver, colt by Fadi Al Shaqab out of Miss Dior NWA 

The Nordic Open Show also hosts besides the show and 2016 Futurity amateur classes and a riding show. Fourteen entries were present this year at the amateur show, and we hope for many more to come next year, both at novice and amateur level.

The Danish Arabhorse Riding Club hosts alongside the show an international riding event with dressage and showjumping. Due to lack of space, this is not part of the article, but being a horse owner with a riding horse in the dressage part, I can only encourage riders from all over Europe to come and join us next year. The riding event is very well planned and organised, and it is a joy to be part of. Also, the riding event works together with the show, to host an All Round Cup, where the rider also presents the horse in a special show class. Come join us next year.

The Nordic Open Show is the broadest Scandinavian show, and calls for all Arabian horse enthusiast to join. It is a very nice and well organised show, with the team behind very focused on giving all present, no matter if they are breeders, owners, trainers, riders or spectators, the best experience possible. Personally, I enjoyed the show, and I will most definitely be a part of this event in the future.

My best recommendation for all horse breeders, trainers, riders and owners to go to Denmark next year to take part in a well organised show on the premises of the horses.


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