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The Fairy Tale Stallion & Dream Maker: Wortex Kalliste

Since I was a child, I have always dreamed of a purebred Arabian stallion, one that I would breed, who would be incredibly beautiful and charismatic. He would also be so kind and who would love to cuddle, play and show off… That one stallion who would conquer more than titles – he would conquer people’s hearts – my heart… That one stallion who would give me goosebumps and tears of happiness every time I would see him enjoying himself in the arena in front of all the Arabian horse lovers in the world. Wortex Kalliste is that dream stallion.

Everything starts with a good mare and in this case, it was the straight Russian Nakubaya Kossack (Kubay Khan x Nalatonna by Balaton). She entered my life and joined Kalliste Arabians as one of my broodmares. I really loved her so much; she was a kind and very complete mare, a perfect foundation and full of quality and heart. She is very much missed at the farm.

Nakubaya Kossack. Credit Sorvilo

Nakubaya was bred to living legend Marwan Al Shaqab (Gazal al Shaqab x Little Liza Fame by Fame VF) and in 2009 gave me one amazing filly named Mirwanah Kalliste. Today, she is still considered one of the most extreme and complete Marwan al Shaqab daughters in the world. To me, Mirwanah means the world and more. She was my first high-level horse that I bred myself, and she was so incredibly beautiful and sweet that we built a special bound together.

Mirwanah had a very successful junior career. She went national and multiple international gold champion, but among her main victories we remember her Silver Junior Female title at the Menton Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championships, an A Show, and her class win at the All Nations’ Cup in Aachen.

Mirwanah Kalliste. Credit Sorvilo

However, Mirwanah never really liked the show arena. She can be like a dragon at home, trotting like no other, but in the show arena she does her minimum and less. So in order to make her happy, I decided to give her a free year and then, once she was four-years old, start her breeding career.

I think this is important to say that I want to stay a small breeder. I respect my horses, they are my reason for living – and my daily work, too – so even if I am a professional artificial inseminator, there is no intensive breeding at home. I leave my mares with time for themselves – one year they have a foal, and the next year, they are free. Mirwanah has only four babies in total, and each one of them is something special; she is a ‘golden producer’, but I would never overbreed her. Mirwanah’s first foal was definitely my most special showman – Wortex Kalliste.

Mirwanah was bred to the tremendously beautiful stallion Shanghai EA (WH Justice x Salymah EA by Khidar) and together gave the best of themselves to their foal. In 2014, a little grey colt was born. He was special from the start and he needed a unique name.  ‘Vortex’ was great but also not that unique – so ‘Wortex’ with the W from Marwan and Mirwanah was unique. Wortex Kalliste was born!

From the very beginning, Wortex enjoyed the show arena so much and at his first show, he got the Bronze title at the Tulip Cup with Tom Schoukens. This his only bronze medal and from then on, he only received silver and gold medals at the highest competitions around the world.

Credit Azzali

Wortex’s first gold medal was in Chantilly for the European Breeders Cup. That same year, he won his class at the European Championships with the highest score of all the yearlings – a full 1.5 points ahead of the other class winner and that year’s Triple Crown Champion!

Credit Escher

He then flew to the USA, to the talented Ted Carson. There, Wortex started his show career by winning the two-year old championship and the Silver Supreme Junior Male Championship at the Arabian Breeders’ Alliance World Cup in Las Vegas. Later that year, Wortex did it again, with another Silver title at the Rolex Cup in New York. While he was there, more and more people started to love Wortex for his incredible attitude in the show-ring.

Jennifer with her beloved Wortex Kalliste. Credit Javan (and below)

When he turned three, Wortex was ready to fight for gold – and he did so at the Scottsdale International with the highest score of the juniors! He moved amazingly, and his charisma and type had increased. He became the crowd favourite and they gave him a standing ovation! He was too young to sire many babies, but there are a few in the US. One of them, bred and owned by myself, just won the silver medal at her first show.

Credit Javan

Wortex, with a lot of courage, flew back to Europe, ready to conquer new hearts. Once here, he went to Jadem Arabians and met his new handler, the great Frederik Van Sas. Together, they started winning, taking first the Gold Junior Male Championship at the Scandinavian Open, and then the silver medal with highest score of all the juniors at the Chantilly World Cup.

Credit Mattsson

The goal that year, 2017, was to go to the European Championships, and Wortex once again made that dream come true with the highest score of all juniors before taking the Gold Junior Male title. I have no words to describe my emotions at that moment as this was the second European championship title for one of my horses. He was on lease to Shgair Stud, but still bred and owned by me. When I went to get the trophy, it was something truly magical after so much work and so many hopes.

Credit Gregor Aymar

Our Dream Maker let us dream about conquering one more continent. So he went on lease to Kaheel Stud in Qatar, who also had a golden dream. We all flew to Qatar in February for the very first title show ever organised there, and the standard of the horses competing was very high. Wortex and Frederik were so amazing in the championship that they got the Gold Senior Male Championship! This was absolutely incredible, especially among all those super, beautiful horses.

Credit Azzali (and below)

We thought that we would then only show Wortex again in 2020, once he was six and ready for some new challenges. However, some weeks before the European Championships, he was looking so incredibly beautiful for all of us that the decision was made to show him there and defend his title, in the senior category this time. Wortex was competing under my own colours, for France, for Europe, but above all, for all breeders and Arabian horse lovers. Wortex is a true Dream Maker because he defends our common dream to all: breeding and owning that one special horse who can bring us to the stars. He went to Verona, and he took the Gold title. I still have no words for this moment, it was beyond amazing.

This year, Wortex went to the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Arabian Horse Festival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he won the second of the four-to-six-year old stallion classes before claiming the Bronze Senior Male Championship among incredible competition. I was thrilled to see him continue to shine, my Wortex.

Both credit Azzali

Wortex is now six-years old and he is back in the show arena. His beauty is now undeniable I think, but above all, the pleasure he gives to his handler, to the public, to our team and to myself is incomparable. He really is a showing machine!

Wortex Kalliste is my stallion. But when he is competing, he represents the dreams of all breeders and Arabian horse lovers.

I am so thankful to you my dear Wortex, and also to all of you for your international support as well as all the teams and people who took part in this adventure. Thank you.


For breeding information contact:
Europe & the rest of the world – Christine Jamar, +32 475 702 302 info@christine-jamar.be
US agent – Ted Carson, +1 (901) 876 7332 ted@tedcarson.com 


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