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The 6th Crabbet Endurance Awards

The 6th Crabbet Organisation Awards were celebrated at Stonehouse Court Hotel in Gloucestershire on 16 February. These awards began as a pilot in 2015 and continue to a popular date on the calendar.

This year’s sponsors included Ariat Europe, Brinicombe Equine, Verm-x, Phoenix Field Arabians, Whitton Stud, Zobeyni Arabians, Gadebrook Stud, Julie Hill Travel Inspirations, R & T Gant, and Crabbet Heritage. Our thanks to them.

Kaalif (Silver Zaanif x Palma Benay), bred by Anne Brown and ridden by Anja and Victoria Ward, won Overall Crabbet Endurance Champion Aurontes Trophy.

Overall Crabbet Endurance Champion Kaalif – pictured are Anja and Victoria Ward, owners and rider, with breeder Anne Brown breeder

Nuraletta (Nur Al Ain x Astral Mystique), bred and ridden by Judy Holloway, won the Prince Meliodas Crabbet Related Overall Champion Trophy. Hadyia (Binley Prince Salim x Pevensey Zariffia), bred by Anne Brown, won the Futurity Trophy.

Binley Silver Spark (Spirit of Silver x Sema), bred by Caroline Sussex and ridden by Rebecca Gant, won the Performance Trophy. Claudius (Yahmur x Chaarity), ridden by Lorna Erwin owned by Valdora Angier, took the Versatility Award.

Rebecca Gant collects the award for Binley Silver Spark from Alexia Ross (right)

The Old English Award was presented to Silver Zourra (Khairho x Imperial Zaree), while the winning Young Rider was Georgina Brenton.

Performance Awards

  1. Binley Silver Spark (Spirit of Silver x Sema)
  2. Claudiuss (Yahmur x Chaarity)
  3. PS Aurora Silk (Marcus Aurelius x Imperial Silk)
  4. Darees (Spearmint x Dallua)
  5. Templeton Maihida (Cyprus x Templeton Phylida)
  6. Crystal Flame (Crystal Romance x Shades of Tessra)
  7. Grecian Moon (Grecian Idyll x G Pia)
  8. Rabbalina
  9. Silver Snowdrop (Lutfi Pasha x Seretta)
  10. Malak Super Dude

Versatility Award

Caroline Sussex collecting Claudiuss’s versatility award for Lorna Erwin

Futurity Gold Awards

  1. Hadiya (Binley Prince Salim x Pevensey Zariffia)                              
  2. Binley Silvern Tahlia (Silvern Prince x Binley Silvern Tahlia)             
  3. Azura Magic (Crystal Magic x Inspiration)                 
  4. Qazadi (Ruadi x Raziqa)         
Jo Claridge presents British breeders futurity awards to Patricia Jones (left), Caroline Sussex and Anne Brown (below). All horses scored gold last summer

Novice Crabbet Award

  1. LHP Esthers Caazino (Aazari x Jazanina)
  2. Shabana Sabreah (Grecian Idyll x Shabana Mareschaya)
  3. Briargrove Golden Hanif (Laseeq x Gracious Harmony)
  4. Silver Serendipity (Winged Saint x Silver Ingot)
  5. Rabbalina
  6. Silver Snowdrop (Lutfi Pasha x Seretta)

Robin Everson collecting two special rosettes as newcomers to the Advanced Crabbet and Crabbet related sections of the awards

Novice Crabbet Related Award
Bint Irexandya (Secret Heart x Irexandya)

Open Crabbet Award

  1. TM Valentino (Rusleem x MC Salilah)
  2. SA Kindred Spirit
  3. Binley Silver Spark

Open Crabbet Related Award

  1. Cloughwood Gold Charm
  2. Cherry Cottage Lad
  3. Copper Moon JT (Jacobi x Legend Moon Empress)

Advanced Crabbet Award

  1. Kaalif
  2. Silver Zourra (Khairho x Imperial Zaree)
  3. Kazeme El Mystral (Mystic Gilt x Kamilla Crysta)
  4. Cardinal Panache (Manichee x Ashmary)
  5. Sunlight’s Legacy (Sorrento x Kohineera_
  6. Kerewong Rubaiyat (Castlebar Gulfstream x Aloha Roseate)

Specials – Ashad (Auvation x Gold Elyse)

Advanced Crabbet Related Award

  1. Nuraletta
  2. Simeric Solaman (Manichee x Sunset Gold)
  3. Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Sisyrinchium x Marbon Mayfly)
  4. Reminyse
  5. Orlando (Rumak x Marie Antoinette)
  6. Firebird (Ormolu Gilt Mount x Moonuka)

Specials – Vlacq Ahmar Kayal (Vlacq Khazad x Lady Valentine)

FEI Crabbet Award

FEI Crabbet Related Sash

100% Crabbet Awards

  1. Kaalif
  2. Silver Zenif (Lutfi Pasha x Imperial Silver Lace)
  3. Binley Silver Spark

Rachael Claridge with Anne Brown for Silver Zenif 

Old English Awards
Silver Zourra (Khairho x Imperial Zaree)

Alexia Ross with Silver Zourra’s Old English Heritage Certificate

Silver Zenif
Shabana Sabreah (Grecian Idyll x Shabana Mareschaya)
Silver Serendipity (Winged Saint x Silver Ingot)
Red House Quest (Red House Faraoh x Red House Ismene)
TM Valentino
Silver Snowdrop
Binley Silver Spark

Young Rider Award

  1. Georgia Brenton, Shahbana Sabreah
  2. Victoria Ward, Kaalif

Georgia Brenton (18 years) (right) who rode Jo Claridge’s (left) Shahban Sabreah to Crabbet Mare. Pictured with sponsor Rebecca Gant

Crabbet Champion Mare
Silver Zourra
Reserve – Shabana Sabreah

Crabbet Related Champion Mare

Reserve – Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Wendy Everson (left) taking the award for Dizzy Miss Lizzy, presented by Rebecca Gant

Crabbet Champion Gelding

Reserve – Kazeme El Mystral

Crabbet Related Champion Gelding
Simeric Solaman (Manichee x Sunset Gold)

Reserve – Remynisce

Crabbet Champion Stallion
LHP Esthers Caazino

Reserve – Silver Zenif

Lesley Knott (left) with owner Louise Howe-Piper (right) for Champion Stallion LHP Esthers Caazino, presented by Rebecca Gant

Multi Day Crabbet
Kazeme El Mystral

Silver Zourra – Cirencester Gold Cup
Treasured Moonbeam – Golden Stag – Golden Horseshoe
TM Valentino

Multiday Related

Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Cloughwood Gold Charm
Simeric Solaman

John Illingworth, owner of Cloughwood Gold Charm

160km Crabbet Horses
Silver Zourra – Cirencester Gold Cup

160km Crabbet Related Horses
Simeric Solaman – Cairngorm 100

Committees Choice – Crabbet Related from 2019 Season
OSO Spiralling Wind (Everon Park Joab x Kainui Park Soraya) – Nikki Malcolm/Stride Ahead/Amanda Kettlewell – 160km 2 day, FEI 120 & 80km Windsor & nations cup, only British trained horse, 80km southern challenge.

British Breeders Award – Crabbet or Related (Highest km during 2019)
Nuraletta (aka Foalie) – VJ & Judy Holloway

Top Sire: Nur-Al-Ain
Top Dam: Palma Benya

Champion Crabbet Related

Overall Champion Crabbet

Jo Claridge with Anja Ward for Kaalif

The 2019 Winners

Find out more about The Crabbet Organisation at www.crabbetarabian.org
All photography Leah Tuck


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