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The Reigning Queen of the Middle East – Mozn Albidayer

Every generation, a filly is born who will captivate the world. As time goes on, her beauty grows, and she becomes more ethereal with each passing year. In 2014, one such foal was born – Mozn Albidayer. And like the greats before her, this incredible mare has won the hearts of breeders all over the world.

Mozn, Mü-z-n, Arabic for white, rain-bearing cloud

In July 2020, on the beaches of the south of France, Mozn Albidayer was garlanded not only as Senior Female Champion, but also as Best Female of the Show, a title richly deserved. From the word go, Mozn has won accolades the world over, including The Arabian Magazine Horse of the Year in 2015. This is a mare who gets more and more beautiful each year, and she is, quite simply, a joy to watch.

Mozn Albidayer head shot

Bred and owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Saud Al Qasimi of Albidayer Stud located in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, Mozn Albidayer was special from the moment she was born. Regardless of who I have spoken to over the years – judges, breeders, show organisers, and aficionados of the Arabian horse – they are all in agreement. This is an Arabian horse who just gets better and better. In my opinion, she is the most iconic Arabian mare since the Polish beauty Emandoria (Gazal al Shaqab x Emanda by Ecaho) who, curiously enough, was born 10 years previously. Maybe it is a decadal thing, and our next magical mare will be born in 2024?

Much has been made of Mozn Albidayer’s achievements over the years – from the word go, she took Gold. First in Ajman and then Dubai in 2015, her yearling year; Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Paris World Championships; US National Champion and Gold Champion at the Arabian Breeders’ World Cup in Las Vegas; and Gold and Silver in Aachen. Now, as a senior, the ‘double Golds’ are beginning to pile up – Dubai this year, where one judge said that she looked better than ever, and now this month, Mozn Albidayer took her second golden honours at the Menton Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championships.

Mozn Albidayer with grass in her mouth

In essence, this amazing Arabian has won Gold titles on three continents – something that very few horses achieve, even in these modern times of jetting all over the world. She really is quite remarkable. Every time she shows, Mozn Albidayer shows herself to be an extraordinary package – she has beauty, type, charisma, elegance, great movement, good limbs, and is so undeniably feminine.

Mozn Albidayer’s pedigree contains different lines to those generally seen in the modern show horse. What makes this even more special is that there is a longevity and grace to her pedigree – she goes back to Bask (Witraz x Balalajka by Amurath Sahib) in the 1950s in just five generations through her tail female line. It is this classical old look that has mixed so well with more modern breeding to create a truly individual – and incredibly beautiful – Arabian horse. Indeed.

Mozn Albidayer standing

Mozn Albidayer is a rare breed these days – a true oil painting come to life, with this ‘other worldly’ quality to her that is scarcely seen in these more generic modern times. She truly is a once in a generation horse, and we are lucky enough to be watching her, in the here and now, with our own eyes.

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All photography Stuart Vesty vestyphoto.com

Albidayer Stud


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