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Poland bids Farewell to National Treasure Pinga 2004 – 2021

Pinga 27 January 2004 – 29 March 2021

One of the brightest lights in the Arabian horse breed has been extinguished with the premature passing of the peerless Polish mare Pinga.

Pinga taking Platinum in Paris
Pinga taking the Platinum title in Paris, being led out of the ring by her friend Monika Dobrun. Lisa Abraham photo

Born in 2004, Pinga was the most promising foal from Janów Podlaski’s second foal crop sired by World Champion Gazal al Shaqab (Anaza el Farid x Kajora), a stallion who defined his own era of excellence in Poland. A cherished favourite of her breeder, Dr Marek Trela, Pinga was shown to her earliest successes in the show-ring by Marek’s oldest son Jan, then just a teenager. In her debut at the Polish National Show as a yearling, Pinga gave one of the most incredible performances in the history of the celebrated event, captivating everyone in attendance while going on to be named Champion Junior Filly and Best in Show. Five years later, Pinga would return as a Senior Mare to win the greatest honour at the Polish National Show, while earning her second Best in Show title on home turf in sensational fashion.

Jan Trela showing Pinga to Best in Show in Poland
Jan Trela showing Pinga to Best in Show. Anette Mattsson photo

Pinga’s performances on the global stage in 2012 remain as equally unforgettable, dazzling audiences and judges alike with her signature charisma, trot, tail carriage and feminine elegance, and a commanding presence in the show-ring that remains unparalleled. With Paweł Kozikowski at the lead, it was as if Pinga never touched the ground when on the move, with her trademark Polish powerhouse trot, an awe-inspiring, physics-defying neck, and an abundance of ultra-confident snort and blow that brought the house down and the judges to tears.

Pinga champion mare
Pinga flying at the European Championships. Erwin Escher photo

Following in the footsteps of her universally admired paternal sisters Pianissima (ex Pianosa) and Emandoria (ex Emanda), Pinga was befittingly honoured with the Platinum World Championship in 2015, adding further prestige to her long list of achievements garnered in multiple countries across Europe, the Middle East, and North America. A modern standard bearer for Poland’s incomparable ‘P’ Family of Szamrajowka made most famous at Janów Podlaski, Pinga exemplified all of the essential characteristics for which the Polish Arabian mare has been treasured for centuries. She was an icon in every sense of the word. Our lives are all richer as a result of the excellence Pinga so effortlessly exhibited in every situation – as an exhilarating show horse, as an attentive broodmatron, as an inspiring athlete, and as consummate companion.

Pinga and Jan Trela
Jan and Pinga. Anette Mattsson photo

For those how knew and loved her best, her irreplaceable presence and positive energy will be missed beyond measure. Farewell, beloved Pinga. The Arabian breed has been forever changed for the better by your enchanted existence…

There will be a full tribute to Pinga in the spring edition of The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine – if you would like to be involved, please e-mail sam@thearabianmagazine.com by 4 April.

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