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Padrons Psyche: 1988-2017

Padrons Psyche: 1988-2017

Photo April Visel

On Saturday 9 September, Padrons Psyche (Padron x Kilika by Tamerlan) has passed away. He was 29 years old. 

In every generation, a colt foal is born that will change the face of the Arabian horse world. Regarded as special from the moment he arrives, he will grow in stature and in beauty and when he comes of age, he will breed his first mares. These foals will also be exceptional and as this special colt matures to a stallion, he becomes regarded throughout the world as one of the finest Arabian horses to walk the earth. His foals will carry his name to every far-reaching corner of the globe, and he will become ardently loved by the many that whisper his name, knowing that he is a legend, a once in a lifetime special horse that will change the shape of things to come. For so many – Padrons Psyche was this horse. 

Indeed, say “Padrons Psyche” to any Arabian horse aficionado and watch their reaction: the hair on their arms and the backs of their necks will stand up, tears will prick their eyes and for a moment, they are often speechless. And now, that legend has left us. His legacy will live on for many generations to come through his get and grandget. Our thoughts are with the Gheysens family, all at Schoukens Training Center, who cared for Psyche during the last years of his life, and with Bob and Dixie North. 

We will celebrate Psyche in the winter ediiton of The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine; for now, please enjoy this video footage of his presentations in Europe. Padrons Psyche truly was a horse in a million. Run free Psyche, and thank you for your amazing gifts to the world. 




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