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Live Streaming for National Equine Forum

Live Streaming for National Equine Forum

This year’s National Equine Forum (NEF), on 8 March 2018, will be accessible to hundreds more people this year thanks to the introduction of free live streaming. In addition, the Forum now has its own new website. 

Live Streaming is an exciting advance this year. The Forum has teamed up with #HorseHour, the worldwide online social networking platform, who will stream the entire event via the NEF’s new website www.nationalequineforum.com . Viewers will be able to interact via social media and will have the chance to pose questions during the discussion and Q&A sessions after each presentation. 

#HorseHour will also be recording a series of pre-event podcast interviews with this year’s Forum speakers and organisers to give a taste of what’s to come on the day. All will be accessible via the new website prior to the event, together with the latest event related news, programme details and an archive of previous Forums. The website also contains a section on the Sir Colin Spedding Award with details on who may be eligible and how to nominate them. 

National Equine Forum Administrator Georgina Crossman said: “The popularity of the Forum is consistently growing, and we are conscious that for several years now there has been a waiting list for tickets. By introducing live streaming will can reach so many more people and even more effectively achieve our objective to provide a platform for impartial discussion and sharing of knowledge.” 

This year’s NEF programme includes the latest on the Central Equine Database, potential solutions to challenges facing small equestrian businesses, equine welfare in British racing, what’s new in equestrian safety and the latest news on rider weight research. Jim Green will be giving the Memorial Lecture on equine emergency rescue and the winner of the Sir Colin Spedding Award will be announced. 

Limited tickets remain available to equestrian trade delegates and equestrian professionals. The first ticket purchased by an individual or organisation will cost £50; subsequent tickets for the same organisation will cost £100.  The ticket price includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. 

Visit www.nationalequineforum.com to find out how you can be a part of this important equestrian gathering.


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