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Katara International – KIAHF Title Show Day One

The Katara International Arabian Horse Festival is reaching its climax with the four-day Title Show.

 The first edition of the Katara International Arabian Horse Festival (KIAHF 2021) was a world-class event held under the patronage of HH The Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. KIAHF is conducted and organised by the Cultural Village Foundation, Katara, together with Qatar Equestrian Federation and Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club. The highlight of the event is a spectacular Title Show exhibiting magnificent Arabian purebreds.

Held at the esplanade of Katara, KIAHF is one of the most prestigious and federative events of its kind and attracts international interest and global participation. The Title Show has some distinct features: it is the first event of its kind which is held by the waterfront and carries of prize of QAR 13,990,000. KIAHF 2022 has a total prize-money of QAR 17,083,500.

Qatar has a rich legacy of equestrian excellence with a passion and appreciation of the Arabian breed. The nation remains a world hub for horses, especially purebred Arabians, and continues to play a leading role in preserving and protecting them. The mission of KIAHF is to promote this rich heritage worldwide. The Festival, one of the largest sporting events in the equestrian field, aims to promote the standing of the unique Purebred Arabian horse breed at various local, regional, and international platforms. KIAHF offers horse owners, breeders, individuals or associations owning equestrian training centres, and those associated with Arabian horse organizations a platform to develop their business with top players of the equine industry. They benefit significantly from the various opportunities made available when engaging with the larger community of Arabian horses.

Horse owners and breeders of champion horses can participate with confidence as the highest standards of integrity and fairness will be upheld during KIAHF. The proceedings are held in accordance with the standards and rules set by European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations (ECAHO).

In addition to the Title Show, the 11-day Festival includes several related cultural and educational activities offering much fun and entertainment for the entire family.

The 2022 Title Show began yesterday, 9 February, under the watchful eyes of judges Ann Norden, Anna Stefaniuk, Carmelo Zaragoza, Cedes Bakker, Francesco Santoro, Graham Smith, Hassanain Al-Nakeeb, Jerzy Białobok, Mohamed Machmoum, Santiago Fornieles, and Tamas Rombauer.


Yearling fillies class 1A
1st – Rayyanah al Nasser (Marwan al Shaqab x Remal al Nasser), bred and owned by Al Nasser Stud, 92.06 points

2nd – Layali Alsayed (Validoro x Lujain Alsayed), bred and owned by AlSayed Arabian Horse Stud, 91.28 points

3rd – 244 – Sultanat al Yazan (Wadee al Shaqab x MA Scout US), bred by Mahajneh Salah and owned by Mohammed Nasser Al-Kaabi, 91.17 points

Yearling fillies class 1B
1st D Expo (D Seraj x Elle Jaharra), bred and owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, 93.06 points
D Expo

2nd D Raseel (D Seraj x Elle Flamenca), bred and owned by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud, 92.67 points

3rd – Al Ghezlaniya al Shaqab (Al Ayal AA x Sultanat al Shaqab), bred and owned by Al Shaqab Member of Qatar Foundation, 90.89 points

Two-year old fillies class 3A
1st – SK Tia (ES Harir x Haifa ED), bred and owned by Alsakab Stables, 91.56 points

2nd – Afrodite (D Ibn Rasheem x AEI Mystar), bred by Arabian Stars and owned by Aljumail Stud, 91.5 points

3rd – RQ Moudhy (Alexxanderr x S Kahila), bred by Abdulaziz Suleiman Munya and owned by Al Rajhiah Stud, 91.33 points

Two-year old fillies class 3B
1st – Shmooa al Enaya (Sultan Alenaya x Malika Alenaya), bred by Tarig Bin Mohammed E Enaya and owned by Alnukhaysh Stud, 91.5 points

2nd – Demasheq Alsayed (Validoro x Delights Divah RB), bred by AlSayed Stud, 91.39 points

3rd – D Thariah (FA el Rasheem x D Azalea), bred by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud and owned by Al Wajba Stud, 91.33 points

Yearling colts class 4A
1st Bahi Aljassimya (Sahm el Arab x Balada al Alfabia), bred and owned by Aljassimya Farm, 91.94 points

2nd – Amos SH (EKS Farajj x Thalita KA), bred by Sea Horse and owned by Al Nasser Stud, 91.39 points

3rd – Nomaas al Jumail (Na-Mous Al Shahania x Assunta GCA), bred and owned by Aljumail Stud, 90.89 points

Yearling colts class 4B
1st – D Tumooh
(D Seraj x RAH Rosalia), bred by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud and owned by Al Jamal Stud, 91 points (and lead photo)

2nd – Sabhan al Shaqab (Fadi al Shaqab x Sultanat al Shaqab), bred and owned by Al Shaqab Member of Qatar Foundation, 90.39 points

3rd – Bahi al Jaham (Badiea al Nasser x Brea EA), bred by Ebrahim Yusuf E S al Romaihi and owned by Al Jaham Stud, 90.33 points

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Photography Julie Adams – ArabHorse.Com


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