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Derivatives with Talent

Words by Janet Turner

Introducing my homebred part-bred Arab mare, Semper Fay. Fay is eight years old and she is the third filly out of my Old English/Crabbet mare Silver Shareen (Gerizim x The New Dawn). Her sire is the very successful small thoroughbred stallion Groomsbridge May I (Makbul x Enamour VII). He was local to me at the time I used him and I have to admit that was the main reason I did so. It meant that I could walk the mare to him as she is a very bad loader. As it turned out, I chose very well! May I has produced some very talented offspring competing in all spheres.

Fay is a real character; just ask anyone who knows her, she is cheeky, naughty, hyperactive and very funny at times. She has several nick names at home, including ‘Duracell Bunny’ for her endless energy, and ‘Clockwork Orange’. But for all her antics, there isn’t a nasty bone in her body.

Semper Fay and Clare Wilson (Photo By JayPhotos).

She was shown successfully as a youngster but as she got older she found showing far too amusing. She was broken to ride but, unfortunately, soon afterwards she injured a tendon in her fore leg in a field accident. The injury was operated on, which resulted in a long period of recuperation. Luckily the tendon healed well so a brave sole was sought to start her ridden career again. Her sharpness has tested my confidence since then, almost to breaking point, but I do now really enjoy riding her.

Janet on Semper Fay (Photo By Cat Down).

Last year I introduced her to jumping under the expert guidance of Clare Wilson who is a lovely rider. This season she has successfully competed in four one day events and produced double clears (show jumping and cross country) in three of them. Fay even placed second in her second attempt at 90cm. It gives me enormous pleasure to see Clare and Fay flying around the cross country and I think that is her favourite phase.

Fay also loves fun rides and endurance rides. I am mindful of her leg so I don’t do big mileages with her, but we enjoy our outings together and get to ride in some beautiful countryside here in Somerset and the surrounding counties.

Of course, I would love to breed a foal from her one day, but to date I am yet to find a stallion suitably and sufficiently ‘chilled out’ to marry her with. But I’m keeping my eye open, and one day perhaps Fay will be a mum. For now though, she is a true all round sporting part-bred Arabian! 


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