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Book review: Seven Bands of Gold – Sensual Love

Book review: Seven Bands of Gold – Sensual Love

Mid-October saw the publication of the second in Jenny Lees’ Seven Bands of Gold series, Sensual Love. Once more set against the dramatic backdrop of the Middle East, this fictional novel makes great reading for anyone that loves the Arabian horse.

Following on from First Love, Sensual Love continues to follow the life, and further sexual awakening, of Sally Phillips. Having moved to the Sheikhdom of Al Khaleej in the Middle East, this book literally picks up where the first book left off, with no preamble. Sally finds herself fired from her job so that she can work at Sheikh Abdullah’s stables, at his command. As the novel continues, Sally finds herself torn between the allure of Sheikh Abdullah and the safety and comfort of Navel Commander Matt Rawlinson, both of whom were introduced at the end of the first novel. Arabian horses, and Sally’s love of them, are central to her bond with Sheikh Abdullah, and Sally finds herself increasingly torn between her two lovers – and as if things weren’t interesting enough, her ex-fiancé makes a sudden appearance towards the end of this book.

Author Jenny Lees is herself no stranger to the Middle East or Arabian horses, having been a breeder of Arabian horses for many years. Sensual Love is rich in its description of the desert lifestyle, both from a Bedouin side as well as an ex-pat view, and if you like heavily-descriptive books, then this is definitely one for you.

Jenny’s first book, First Love was banned in some parts of the Middle East and I have no doubt that the more explicit Sensual Love will follow suit. To find out what all the fuss is about, you can order your own copy through The Arabian Magazine either by calling (+44) (0)1508 536099 or online at www.thearabianmagazineshop.com. Both Sensual Love and Forbidden Love are available through the shop, priced at £7.99 (plus p+p) each.  


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