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Back on Track® introduce new selection of high tech dog rugs

Back on Track® introduce new selection of high tech dog rugs

Swedish company, Back on Track® have added several exciting new rugs to their canine range. Back on Track have developed their infra-red ceramic fabric, Welltex™ into a range of market leading garments and braces to support the mobility and well-being of dogs, humans and horses. The unique Welltex fabric is infused with ceramic particles that a reflect long-wave, infra-red ray. The body responds positively to the infra-red ray by increasing circulation, which can aid mobility and help avoid injury.

Each Back on Track item is beautifully made to combine the benefits brought from the Welltex with designs that are functional, well-fitting and simple to use.

The warm and cosy Back on Track Bianca Dog Jumper with Welltex™ lining promotes circulation to provide the Back on Track effect around the entire body. It is the first dog jumper with infra-red technology to be introduced to the UK market. The Bianca Dog Jumper extends from the base of the tail right up to a warm collar around the neck where it has a zipper closure. A stretchy lining around the front legs ensures the jumper is both snug and easy to put on and take off. Perfect for use in colder weather. Available in Extra Small to Extra Large with an RRP starting at £49.00.

Back on Track’s Whippet Rug is made from a water resistant and breathable outer and lined with snug Welltex™ fabric. The rug is designed with the mobility needs of an athletic dog in mind.  The Whippet rug comes with a soft fleece neck cover which can be folded down on warm days. Finishing touches include reflector strips, a wide strap around the body to hold the rug in place and non-removable elastic leg straps. Available in Small to Extra Large with an RRP of £58.00.

The Back on Track Hugo Rug is available in both standard and mesh versions.  The Standard Back on Track Hugo Rug is made from water-resistant and breathable black polyester fabric lined with Welltex™. Easy hook and loop closures at the front and under the belly make dressing your dog very straightforward.  The Back on Track Hugo Mesh Rug forms better to the body’s shape than stiffer materials and therefore gives a much smoother fit. Even dogs that sometimes don’t like wearing a coat will easily accept this light rug. Available in sizes Small to XXX Large with an RRP starting at £40.00.

To help your dog stay safe in the dark, both the Hugo Standard and Mesh Rugs are equipped with reflectors on the closures on either side of the belly strap. They have non-removable elastic leg straps and easy closing straps in front and fully removable belly straps.

These new additions to the Back on Track canine range are available through all good stockists.

The Back on Track range offers clothing and braces for horses, humans and dogs to support supple muscles and joints.  For more information, to download a copy of our brochure or find a local stockist, visit www.backontrack.com or email uk@backontrack.com

Photo: The Back on Track Bianca Dog Jumper, Whippet Rug, Hugo Standard Rug and Hugo Mesh Rug. 


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