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Australian Arabian National Championships 2020

Despite one of the driest and hottest years on record – along with the worst bushfires and drought in living memory – this year’s Australian Arabian Championships still had good numbers competing. As usual, everyone was excited about seeing their favourite contenders. The show alternates between Sydney and Melbourne and this year, it was back in Sydney.

This year our judges were Fabio Amorosino from Brazil, Joanne Lowe from the UK and Lewis McKim from Canada along with Australian judged Kerry Rogers from Victoria, Debbie Taylor-Theis from New South Wales, and Debra Watson from Queensland. The halter section judged with five judges and our Horsemark digital scoring system.

The purebred mare OSO Xannya (Hun (PL) x Danaes Xenia (US)), bred by Linda Mars and owned by Mintor LLC, makes a splash in the Preliminary 1c test

The Arabian Derivatives are always very competitive, and Australia is unique in recognising so many crosses with other established breeds. Our Arabian ponies and Arabian riding ponies always charm our international judges, and the Arabian Warmbloods and Anglos produce horses capable of competing in a wide variety of disciplines. Our Arabian Stockhorses are exclusive to Australian being a cross with Australian Stockhorses – a breed designed for working cattle on outback stations – along with Quarabs, designed as an all-around working horse with the beauty of the Arabian.

Dream Fever (Gai el Jullyen x The Palms Uptown Girl), Australian Silver and Bronze Champion in both the Purebred Ultra and Versatility Challenge

Our newest Half Arabian registry caters for those typey derivatives with one purebred parent and is our only Derivative section judged with a score for Arabian type. We also have API (Arabian performance index) classes that recognise those horses with less than 12.5% Arabian blood, and this has introduced many new people to the world of Arabian showing.

Zarahemla Zeniff (Zarahemla Mosiah x Zetaa), owned by Courtney Whittaker and bred by Peter and Tania Hornby, Australian Bronze Champion Junior Gelding Breeders Bonanza.

The purebred led classes saw the new queen of the show-ring complete an undefeated show season to win the title of Australian Gold Champion Yearling Filly. This was Ulyssia (Ulysium x Narcisse), the pride and joy of breeder/owner Sheila and Graeme Jones. This lovely filly proves that small breeders can produce fantastic horses and get the results that they deserve. Silver went to Mulawa Arabian Stud’s homebred Vienna MI (Allegiance MI x Valentine MI) with Future Farms’ Javalia FF (Volcom FF x Mystica Jamarlee) in Bronze.

The Gold Junior Female Australian Champion was Estaa SW (Sir Charmed FF x Estellaa), bred and owned by Meredith Prentice yet another boutique farm. Both the Silver Champion Noran Bella-Sansa (Mystica Santosa x Mystica Bella-Psyche), bred by Norman, Nancy and Kylie Wall and owned by Peter and Tanya Hornby, and the Bronze Champion Emeeliah KH (Emerald J x HRA Unique), bred by Sarah and Steven Muco and owned by Jayne and Trevor Bellchambers, were bred by Western Australian breeders.  

Estaa SW (Sir Charmed FF x Estellaa) Australian Gold Champion Junior Purebred Female

Noran Bella-Sansa (Mystica Santosa x Mystica Bella-Psyche) Australian Silver Champion Junior Purebred Female

The purebred mares saw the lovely Klassical Fame MI (Klass x Forever Fame), bred and owned by Mulawa Arabians, take the Gold Australian National Champion title while Silver went to Amber MI (WH Justice x Audacia), bred by Mulawa Arabians and owned by Kylie Rees of Western Australia. Bronze went to Mystica Savannah (LC Prince Magnum x Shakla’s Silver Dream) for Francis Park Arabians.

Klassical Fame MI (Klass x Forever Fame), Australian Gold Champion Senior Led Arabian Mare 

Amber MI (WH Justice x Audacia), Australian Silver Champion Led Arabian Mare

Both the Gold Australian Champion and Silver Yearling Purebred Colts were bred by Mulawa Arabians – Vain MI (Allegiance MI x Always Valentine MI) and Hermes MI (Allegiance MI x MI Harmony) respectively. Simon Shem Tov (Simeon Seifan x Simeon Susula), owned by Al Munawar Arabians and bred by Simeon Stud, took the Bronze.

Hermes MI (Allegiance MI x MI Harmony) Australian Silver Champion Yearling Colt 

The Australian Gold Champion Purebred Colt was won by Marshawan (Echoes of Marwan x Chelleason Wind Fortune), bred and owned by Jess Wilson. Voyager W (Sir Charmed FF x Amira Mulahn) was named Silver Champion for his owners/breeders Jayne and Trevor Bellchambers. Author MI (Allegiance MI x Always an Angel) took Bronze for Nicole and Damien Henricus, being bred by Mulawa Arabian Stud.

The Purebred Stallion Championship was hotly contested with the Gold Australian Champion being named as Kavalier MI (Marwan al Shaqab x Karess) for Mulawa Arabians Stud. Silver Champion went to Pshalomar (US) (Shanghai EA (ES) x MC Psynammon (US)) for Phil Ryan and Philip Wild, being bred in the US by Cecil and Frances Butler with Jeff and Sybil Collins. RD Dynamo (Bey Ambition (CA) X TF Falconsimprint (CA)) was named Bronze Champion for Sabble Farm; he was bred by Rae-Dawn Arabians.

Kavalier MI (Marwan al Shaqab x Karess) Australian Gold Champion Purebred Senior Male

Pshalomar( US) (Shanghai EA (ES) x MC Psynammon (US)) Australian Silver Champion Purebred Senior Male

The Gold Champion Yearling Purebred Gelding was named as Premiere FF (Volcom FF x Shimmering Princess), who also had an undefeated show season for Reality Arabians; he was bred by Future Farms. Brooke Bryce Champman took Silver with Legacy MI (Mi Klassique x Love Potion MI), bred by Mulawa Arabian Stud, while the Simeon Stud-bred Simeon Shazar (Simeon Seifan x Simeon Sefanyah) took Bronze for Rhiannon Gambell.

Trend MI (Allegiance MI x DM Marcedes True Love) took the Australian Gold Champion Purebred Junior Gelding title for Brittany Jessup; again, he was bred by Mulawa Arabian Stud. Silver went to Aiden Sgro’s Ja’Dante Ibn Halimas (Jadaan Al Shaqab x Psyches Serenade), bred by Jenny and Peter Pond. Volt KA (Vitorious KA x A’Real Diva KA), bred by Krishlah Arabians, took the Bronze for Ellen Lobar.

Trend MI (Allegiance MI x DM Marcedes True Love), Australian Gold Champion Purebred Junior Gelding

The Senior Purebred Gelding saw stablemates Allegro MI (Allegiance Mi x Krystal MI) and Allegiant MI (Allegiance MI x MI Angel) taking Gold and Silver Australian Championship titles for Reality Arabians. Bogart MI (Advise MI X LLC Briana) took the Bronze for Amarina Park. All three were bred by Mulawa Arabian Stud.

Allegro MI (Allegiance MI x Krystal MI), Highest-scoring Purebred Male and Australian Gold Champion Purebred Senior Gelding

Stablemates Australian Champion Silver Purebred Senior Gelding Allegiant MI (Allegiance MI x MI Angel) (left) and Gold Champion Purebred Senior Gelding Allegro MI (Allegiance MI x Krystal MI)

The Champion Ridden Purebred Mare and also the winner of the Purebred Versatility Award was Marbling Novelle (Marbling Star of the East x Marbling N’Shala), bred by the Estate of the Late Nola Mary Cameron and owned by Pamela Smit with Chloe Scardetta. They made the long trip across the Nullabor Plain from Western Australia to compete in Sydney – nearly 4,000km in total. The Silver Ridden Purebred Mare title went to Fairview Secret Obsession (Al Kha-Zar x Windella Silver Fascination), bred by Peter Hall, Anne Vella and the Estate of Vivienne L Hall. Jalilah FF (Crave FF x Mystica Jamarlee) took the Bronze title. Bred by Future Farms, she is owned by Sabble Investments.

Marbling Novelle (Marbling Star of the East x Marbling N’Shala) Australian Gold Champion Ridden Purebred Mare 

Fairview Secret Obsession (Al Kha-Zar x Windella Silver Fascination), Australian Silver Champion Ridden Purebred Mare 

The Ridden Purebred Stallion Championship saw a hard-fought battle between some very beautiful stallions. Our ridden classes are judged on a scorecard with type and quality, conformation, presentation, manners, paces, and education all being taken into account, and the judge does not ride the horse. Gold Australian Champion was Echos of Tomorrow (Echos of Marwan x Falzon Tomorrow’s Dream), bred by the Falzon family and owned by Steven McCurley and Robyn Rogers. Silver went to the much-garlanded Aamahni (TS Al Malik x Aliha bint Nizir), bred and owned by Evelien Bonney. The Mystica Arabians-bred Mystica Abbas (LC Prince Magnum x Princess of Marwan) took Bronze, now in the ownership of Belinda O’Connor. Mention must be made to the lovely young black stallion Quartz Hill Farm Dark by Design (Crave FF x Quartz Hill Farm Georgia Peach), bred by Ally Hudson and owned by Megan Riley, Andrew Buckley and Linda Trotter, who finished just outside the titles.

Echos of Tomorrow (Echos of Marwan x Falzon Tomorrow’s Dream) Australian Gold Champion Ridden Stallion & Gold Champion Silver Snaffle

Quartz Hill Farm Dark by Design (Crave FF x Quartz Hill Farm Georgia Peach) Purebred Top Ten Silver Snaffle

The Purebred Ridden Gelding Championship saw Chelleason Magnum’s Gold (Magnum Forty Four x Windella Golden Wings), bred by Michelle Thomas and owned by Cheryl Edwards, take Gold. Dark Knight MI (DA Valentino x Mulawa Dark Angel) took Silver for Katherine Hopkins, while Meaghan and Charlotte Wright’s Rapid Fire (Magnum Forty Four x Fire Flame) was Bronze Champion. Both Silver and Bronze were bred by Mulawa Arabian Stud.

The Purebred Arabian Ultra Award – where scores from halter and saddle are combined – was won by Aamahni with Allegiant MI in Silver.

Aamahni (TS Al Malik x Aliha bint Nizir), winnner of the Ultra Purebred Arabian & Silver Purebred Ridden Stallion

The Derivative Ultra Award was won by the Arabian Warmblood World Class MI (Welfenadel (DE) x Mulawa Aspen) for Summer Crockett with the Arabian Pony Butterfly FF (Crave FF x Krystal Park Buckwheat) Silver for Sabble Investments. They were bred by Mulawa Arabian Stud and Future Farms respectively.

World Class MI (Welfenadel (DE) x Mulawa Aspen) Australian Champion Led and Silver Champion Ridden Arabian Warmblood, and Highest-scoring Derivative Female 

The Highest-scoring Male Purebred was Allegro MI and the Highest-scoring Female Purebred went to Vienna MI. The Highest-scoring Derivative Male was the Arabian Warmblood Fahrenheit FF (Sir Charmed FF x Double TT Fevia), bred by Future Farms and owned by Sabble Investments. World Class MI took the award for the Highest-scoring Derivative Female.

Vienna MI (Allegiance MI x Valentine MI) Australian Silver Champion Yearling Filly and Highest-scoring Purebred Female 

Our Australian National Championships have something for everyone from dressage and hacking to working stockhorse and show hunter. We even have the ever-popular Fashions in the Field and Canine Couture so that everyone can be involved with showing an Arabian horse.

Reality Arabians won both the Gold and Silver Purebred Fashions in the Field awards

For full results, visit 

All photography Glenys Lilley Foxwood Photography



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