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3rd Qatar Arabian Horse Breeders Cup

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This was my first show report in Qatar, having moved to Doha in September this year. Originally, the show was due to be held at the Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club (QREC) but was relocated to Al Shaqab Equestrian Centre at the last minute. The show was faultless, with the generous area of the Longines Indoor Arena allocated for the presentation of the horses, plus a sizable collecting area behind the show ring display.

The venue was nothing short of spectacular and is incomparable to any other venue in the world. Al Shaqab extends to 980,000 metres, with indoor and outdoor arenas as well as extraordinary facilities for horses and visitors. Al Shaqab is very atmospheric – you can identify it from the highway from quite some distance. When you arrive, you are greeted by three statues of Al Shaqab legends Marwan al Shaqab, Al Adeed al Shaqab and Gazal al Shaqab. Their impact on the breed is immeasurable, as evidenced across the pedigrees of the horses presented over the three days of the show.

The invited judges for the 3rd Qatar Arabian Horse Breeders Cup, held 25-27 October, were Ali Sharawii (Egypt), Al Mesbah Jassim (Kuwait), Yaraf Mostafa (Morocco), Anna Stojanowska (Poland), Christine Valette (France), Julie Maden (Belgium), and Ali Hajri Saef (Qatar).

Qamar Al Jamal
Qamar Al Jamal

The first class, for yearling fillies, was divided into three sections, such were the number of entries. The first section had 13 forward and was rather mixed in quality, but the top three were excellent. The winner, Qamra al Jamal (Wadee al Shaqab x Tamure MS) is a very elegant filly with good movement, front and a particularly pretty face. She is bred and owned by Al Jamal Stud and scored 91.2 points. Second was an equally charming filly, Farida Tho al Janah (Wadee al Shaqab x Malika Tho al Janah), bred and owned by Mr Jaffar Khalil I G Radwani. She provided a flamboyant show to score 91 points. Noor al Shuhub (S.M.A. Magic One x Widd Umm Aludham) claimed third, scoring well across the board. She is bred and owned by Al Shuhub Stud and was awarded 90.9 points.

Farida Aljassimya
Farida Aljassimya

Section B, again saw 13 forward, and the quality improved across the class. The win went to the extremely flamboyant Farida Aljassimya (RFI Farid x Taleed El Qardabiyah) who hooked her neck and floated around the ring showing superbly for the judges, scoring four 20s for movement. Very much like her sire, she scored a total of 92.9 points for her breeders/owners Aljassimya Farm. Haffana al Jassim (Amir al Reeh x Weaam al Jassim), bred and owned by Al Jassim Stud, claimed second with 90.6 points. She has a beautifully defined head that scored one 20, and the remaining judges were unanimous with 19.5 points each. Scoring 90.2 points to take third was Jood al Yacoub (RFI Farid x Abigail Aurora), bred and owned by Al Yacoub Stud.

Asamy Al Ammar
Asamy al Ammar

The final section of yearling fillies saw nine forward and the top two fillies were particularly pleasing with little difference between them in terms of scores. Asamy al Ammar (Fadi al Shaqab x Bint al Mishraaaf) stood top with a score of 90.9 points, bred and owned by Al Ammar Stud. The charming and feminine Shahd Aljumail (SMA Magic One x Majolicaa), bred andowned bred by Al Jumail Stud, provided an excellent presentation to score 90.6 points. Third went to Jaleesah Aljassimya (by Emerald J) – this filly was much like her dam, Jassmeenah Aljassimya (Al Ayal AA x CR Jasmeenah). Bred and owned by Aljassimya Farm, she scored 90.4 points.

Aisha El Salem
Aisha el Salem

The two-year-old filly class was divided into two sections, the first section being won by Aisha al Salem (Sharaf al Shahania x D Shatha) bred and owned by Mr Saad Salem M A Al-Hajri. A typey filly, very much in her sire’s image, she won with a score of 91.8 points. Second was Maria Albairq (Badiea al Nasser x Esraa al Shaqab), similar in type to the first filly. Bred by Mr Fahad Moqbil F Al Qahtani, she is owned by Albairaq Stud and scored 91 points. Third went to Ahlam al Dawasir (Wadee al Shaqab x Destinny), with 90.7 points. This very sassy filly clearly loves to show off, and she was bred by Rashid Mohammad R A Al Dosari and is owned by Al Dawasir Stud.

 Al Jadaa Al Ammar
Al Jadaa al Ammar

Section B had 13 fillies forward and with some very impressive presentations. The winner, Al Jadaa al Ammar (Amaar al Nasser x Sohod al Shaqab) was very flamboyant with excellent movement and strong type. Bred and owned by Al Ammar Stud, she scored 91.3 points. Second was another good-moving filly who had a fabulous stride, Shams T (Wadee al Shaqab x Petite Syrah WCF). She  scored 90.5 points for her breeder/owner Abdulla Hamad S N Al Marri of T Stud. Third was awarded to a filly who provided another spirited performance, Raghad al Yacoub (Wadee al Shaqab x Sahaba Umm Aludham). Bred and owned by Al Yacoub Stud, she scored 90.5 points.

 Raghad Al Yacoub
Raghad al Yacoub

The three-year-old fillies saw eight forward, with strong scores from all the fillies, illustrating the quality present across the class. Bashayer al Bawadi (Al Milan x Just This Once) claimed the win with 90.7 points. This very pleasing, deep-bodied filly moved well, and is bred and owned by Al Bawadi Stud. Dhai al Salem (Sharaf al Shahania x D Thara), bred by Al Salem Stud and owned by Saad Salem M A Al Hajri, tied for second with Elham al Jamal (Wadee al Shaqab x Manarat al Shaqab), both on 91.2 points. Both horses were also tied on type marks, but Dhai al Salem tipped the balance in her favour on movement to secure second place for her owner Saad Salem Mohammed Amer Al Hajri, having been bred by Al Salem Stud. Third went to Elham al Jamal for her breeder/owner Al Jamal Stud.

 Wisam Umm Aludham
Wisam Umm Aludham

The second day saw an extraordinary thunderstorm hit Qatar, the likes of which have not been seen in the region for many years. It erupted outside the arena while the first class  began. This was the yearling colts, was divided into two sections, with 10 forward in Section A. Some very mature, typey and showy colts presented, and the top scoring two colts were both strong movers, tied on a total of 90.7 points. However Wisam Umm Aludham (Badiea al Nasser x Najla Umm Aludham) scored the stronger type marks, thus securing the win, for his breeder/owner Nasser Mohammed M A Al Hajri. Direa al Aqeed (Wadee al Shaqab x D Maghrebeyyah) had to settle for second place for Hamad Mohammed F AA Al Hajri; he was bred by Al Aqeed Stud. Badr al Bawadi (Sharaf al Shahania x Amani Almkeinan) showed well to claim third with 90.2 points for owner/breeder Al Bawadi Stud. By the end of the class, the storm outside had intensified with strong winds and torrential rain. Therefore, the organisers decide to cease all further classes to ensure the safety of the horses and all present. I must confess to encountering an interesting drive home that day…

Due to the premature curtailing of the show the day before, the third day of the show began earlier to fit in the postponed classes. What a treat this day was to become, with some superb horses being shown.

Haitham Al Sheen
Haitham al Sheen

The second section of the yearling colts was the first class, with nine forward. The winner was a charismatic colt with good expression, Haitham al Sheen (Fares al Rayyan x Ghamer al Shaqab), scoring 91 points for is breeder/owner Al Shaheen Stud. Second place Ghayyar Umm Aludham (Wadee al Shaqab x DA Magic Moment) oozed type and presence to secure second with 90.4 points; he is bred and owned by Nasser Mohammed M A Al Hajri. Saleh al Jabnun (Gazwan al Nasser x Sabhat Mesaieed) tied with KM Sarab (Badiea al Nasser x H Alouette H) on 89.7 points but higher type marks to secure third place for breeder/owner Al Jabnun Stud.

Nomaas Al Jumail
Nomaas al Jumail

The two-year-old colt class was amalgamated with the three-year-olds due to numbers. Mostly two-year-old, nine colts were forward. The colts were very mature, and the winner was very the impressive Nomaas al Jumail (Na-Mous al Shahania x Assunta GCA) – phenomenal type combined with beautiful head and neck. He scored a 20 each for type and for head/neck to with a total of 91.1 points. He is bred and owned by Al Jumail Stud. Rannan Tho al Janah (Badiea al Nasser x Balqees Tho al Janah) took second with 89.9 points, a  compact colt with good expression bred and owned by Jaffar Khalil I G Radwani. Third place went to Mansa al Naaman (Retaj al Naaman x D Shmoos) with 89.6 points, bred and owned by Mohammed Hamad N A Al Naimi.

Nomaas al Jumail

Due to the amalgamation of these colt classes, the Junior Male Championship ran straight after the class and the result was repeated, with Nomaas al Jumail claiming the unanimous title, Rannan Tho al Janah the awarded Silver and Mansa Al Naaman the Bronze. 

The mare classes followed and while I love the snort, blow, presence, and attitude of the stallion classes, for me the mare classes are the most enjoyable. Often here you will encounter the typiest, most beautiful and exquisite Arabian horses in the world. Even in the early days of the Bedouin, nothing was quite as treasured as an Arabian mare.

Alkayayday Al Sraiya
Alkaydah al Sraiya

The judges’ scores stepped up a level for the mare classes, illustrating the quality. The first class, for four-to-seven-year-old mares, provided a very good mix of fabulous horses. A total of 14 mares forward and the top three were superb while being very different to each other. The winner was a very balanced and smooth mare who was presented beautifully – scoring  unanimous 19.5 for type to a total score of 92 points – Alkaydah al Sraiya (Naseem al Rashediah x Makhida), bred and owned by Al Sraiya Stud. Second went to Wa’ad al Yacoub (Wadee al Shaqab x Muna RG), a more compact mare than the winner. She scored 91.3 points bred by  Maryam Ali A Al Yacoub and owned by Al Yacoub Stud. The third placed mare was very bold and expressed plenty of spirit. This was Shahba Umm Aludham (Gazal al Shaqab x Farona) scored 91.2 points, bred and owned by Nasser Mohammed M A Al Hajri.

Wa’ad al Yacoub
Bint Sultan
Bint Sultan

The final mare class was age seven-to-ten-years with six forward, but what was lacking in numbers certainly made up in quality! The winner was Bint Sultan (Sultan al Shaqab x AS Michel), who possessed exceptional type coupled with beauty and movement and scored three 20s for movement and two for type. She scored a total of 92.5 points for breeder/owner Khaled Bin Ali Bin Abdulla Al Obaidly. Bidayer al Sraiya (Amir Ibn al Amyra x Makhida), bred by Rashid Nasser Rashid A Al Kaabi, claimed second with 91.6 points, a strong moving and typey mare owned by Al Sraiya Stud. The third placed mare entered the ring with such power and a phenomenal stride coupled with superb expression to score 91.2 points. This was RB Galiah (Fares al Rayyan x Roda Al Waab), bred and owned by Mr Mohammed Ali M R Al Kawari.

Zayn Al Mishraf
Zayn al Mishraf

The stallion classes followed, with just one class. There were six forward, and it was a quality class full of type. The winner, Zayn al Mishraaf (Shagran al Nasser x Bella Sedona), is a very powerful mover scoring almost unanimous 20s for movement. He is a very impressive horse with a smooth body, excellent front and also scored three 20s for type. Bred by Ali Moshrif Ali Al Rabiah Al Kuwari, Zayn al Mishraaf is owned by Al Mishraaf Stud and scored 92.7 points. Arkan al Sraiya (Khalil al Shaqab x Benedetta INZ), bred and owned by Al Sraiya Stud, took second place with 91.7 points. He was a more compact stallion than the winner, with good type.Third went to Mashhoor M (Fadi al Shaqab x Nawahil al Shaqab) another good moving stallion. Bred and owned by Mr Mana Abdulhadi A Al Shawani, he scored 91.1 points.

The Senior Male Championship followed, and it is always interesting to see the horses judged comparatively after being placed under the points system in their classes. However, there was no change to results of the stallion class, with Zayn al Mishraaf taking Gold, Arkan al Sraiya Silver and Mashoor M the Bronze.

Mashhoor M
Mashhoor M (and cover image)

The yearling fillies returned to the ring for their championship, and with the comparative judging system, the result was different from the classes. Haffana al Jassim, placed second in her section, took the Gold Yearling Filly Championship, beating Farida Aljassimya into Silver. Bronze was awarded to Qamra al Jamal.

The Yearling Colt Championship saw Wisam Umm Aludham taking Gold , with Direa al Aqeed the Silver. Ghayyar Umm Aludham, who was second in his section, claimed Bronze.

Dhai Al Salem & Aisha Al Salem wiht owner Mr Saad Aalem M A Al-Hajri
Dhai Al Salem & Aisha Al Salem with owner Saad Aalem M A Al-Hajri

The Junior Female Championship saw Aisha al Salem claim the Gold title, with Dhai al Salem awarded Silver and Bashayer al Bawadi the Bronze.

Bint Sultan
Bint Sultan

The Senior Female Championship was a delight for the eyes and soul, with such beautiful mares presented. The title could only go one way and Bint Sultan was a very worthy Gold Champion being placed top by six of the nine judges. Silver went to Alkaydah al Sraiya with Wa’ad al Yacoub Bronze.

The 3rd Qatar Arabian Horse Breeders Cup was complete. The Champions had been chosen, the judges thanked, the trophies and awards were on their way to the respective owner’s farms to be displayed, while the horses could wind down and return home to their paddocks. However, the organisers only had time to take a breath before hosting the Qatar Arabian Horse Show for Local Bred, which began the next day.


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