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WAHO 2019 Conference, Australia – The Guest Speakers

The WAHO 2019 Conference is fast approaching and will take place in the beautiful country of Australia. We have already shared news of the conference  itself, an event that many are greatly looking forward to, and here we reveal who the all-important guest speakers are.

An engaging and enlightening highlight of every WAHO Conference are the educational presentations scheduled throughout the General Assembly sessions. We are proud to present five special presentations featuring seven universally admired equine experts from around the globe.

Wednesday 6 February – Opening Ceremony Presentation
From the Desert to the Lands Down Under – A brief canter through two centuries of Arabian horse breeding in Australia and New Zealand  

An illustrated and interactive presentation encompassing over two centuries of Arabian horse history in Australasia, highlighting the topics covered in the recently published Hoofprints in History – Australasia’s Arabian Horses.
Discover how Australia and New Zealand evolved from equid-free nations just over two centuries ago, to two of the most important equine breeding and competition nations in the world.
Presenters: Coralie Gordon, Allan Preston and David Gillett

Friday 8 February 2019 – throughout the day of the General Assembly
Causes and Prevention of Injuries in Race and Endurance Horses
Guest Speaker: Dr R Chris Whitton, University of Melbourne

Welfare and Ethics in Horse Breeding and Horse Sports | video presentation
Guest Speaker: Dr Madeleine Campbell, The Royal Veterinary College, UK

It All Begins With A Foal: Practical new techniques in foaling practices and foal care, from birth to weaning
Guest Speaker: Cindy Reich, California Polytechnic University, USA

When Social Media Gallops Ahead – Sport Horse Welfare and Social Licence to Operate
Guest Speaker: Julie Fiedler, University of Central Queensland

For more information, including biographies of the speakers, please visit the WAHO 2019 Conference Australia website.



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