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The Unforgettable Wilma PCF

Some Arabian horses remain in your mind long after you have seen them, and the incredibly beautiful Wilma PCF is one of those horses. Owned by Al Khor Stud in Qatar, this American-bred filly took the red roses at the US Nationals in 2021 and having shone at the Scottsdale Show, she is now heading to the Arabian Breeders’ World Cup. With her royal pedigree, Wilma PCF will be the name on everyone’s lips for years to come.

Al Khor Stud is owned by Nasser Al Mesnad and it is he who owns this exceptional filly. Al Khor Stud itself is named after a coastal town in Qatar, with Nasser being very proud not only of his Qatari heritage, but the relationship that the country has with the Arabian horse. Already a breeder of champions, Wilma PCF is a key part of the stud’s future as both a show horse and a broodmare.

Wilma PCF
Credit Nate White

Foaled in 2020 and bred by Arabians International and Sandro Pinha in the United States, Wilma PCF joined Al Khor Stud last year and with them, would go on to be named US National Yearling Filly Champion. This year, already named Bronze Junior Female International Champion in Scottsdale, she will show her huge trot and dynamic presence at the Arabian Breeders’ World Cup, also to be held in Scottsdale, this April before heading to Europe and the Middle East.

A bay beauty with an exotic face, Wilma PCF was special from the moment she was born. Her trainer, Sandro Pinha, said: “Wilma is a once in a lifetime horse. From the second she was born we knew she was a star. With her unique refinement and presence, she has captivated the hearts of everyone who has ever seen her.”

Wilma PCF Royal Asad
Credit Javan

Meanwhile, Nasser had started Al Khor Stud in 2012. “My love for Arabian horses came from riding such a horse at Al Shaqab Stud – Member of the Qatar Foundation. That moment instilled within me a deep love for the breed, and from there came Al Khor Stud.

“Ten years ago, when we began Al Khor Stud, that time, we had the initial ideas in place, and we took time to accumulate the right broodmares to begin our programme over the next few years,” he explains. “We started breeding horses carrying the ‘Al Khor’ name in the 2015/2016 seasons. Since then, we have grown and have learned from our initial experiences, setting new goals and targets for the next phase of the farm, and we are eager to work on achieving these new set goals.”

Part of these new goals were looking for a filly that showed both promise as a show horse and a future broodmare. Nasser continues: “We spent a long time looking for a filly to meet our criteria. We knew that she needed to be more than just a show horse – she had to be a future broodmare, too. This was very important to us because we believe in the importance of developing a breeding programme that lasts.

“Wilma brought both aspects to our programme. She has the looks and charisma of a show horse, and this is reinforced by her pedigree, which is built for breeding. The breeding potential spoke to us first and was backed by the opinion of a breeder who we respect very much. So, with that, we made the decision to go ahead and purchase Wilma.

“She was already registered to show in the US Nationals, and we were unfamiliar with the show scene in the US having never showed there, but Sandro convinced us that she was ready and that we should show her. As Sandro had taken care of her since she was born, and knew what she was capable of, we agreed. Both Sandro’s and our faith in Wilma was rewarded when she won her US Gold Championship title and made us proud!”

The pedigree
Wilma PCF’s pedigree combines successful modern bloodlines with giants of the breed from yesteryear. With the great Bey Shah (Bay el Bey x Star of Ofir by Bask) appearing no less than eight times in her pedigree, as well as twice to his son Fame VF (ex Raffoleta-Rose by Raffon by Gazon), who, in my opinion, is one of the most influential sires of the past 40 years, all the foundations were in place for Wilma PCF to be extraordinary.

Her sire is the charismatic stallion Royal Asad, bred and owned by Royal Arabians. A multiple champion stallion, including Gold titles at the Arabian Breeders’ World Cup, the Scottsdale International, and the Arabian Breeder Finals, his pedigree has a heavy Brazilian influence. His sire is the prized stallion El Tino, who comes from one of the most treasured sire lines in North America in recent years being by the late superstar stallion DA Valentino, a son in turn of the great Versace (Fame VF x Precious as Gold by El Shaklan), and out of DA Love (Padrons Psyche x Magnifficaa FA by Echo Magnifficoo). El Tino’s dam brings in more of the Bey Shah bloodlines being Imprimista CF, by Bey Imprimis (Bey Shah x Audrey Rose by Aristo Kossak) and out of Fantasy Bey (Pryvatecollection x Endless Fantasy by Amurath Bandolero). There is a huge amount of Polish blood in the back of El Tino’s pedigree, and this is repeated in Wilma PCF’s damline.

Royal Asad’s dam is the black Brazilian National Champion Mare Lumiar Ethna, bred at the famed Haras Lumiar in Brazil. Her sire was the significant stallion RFI Maktub, in turn by Altam Yshmayl, sired by RSD Dark Victory (Bey Shah x Kamasi Sabaha by Khemosabi) and out of Yamina (Khivan x Melia by Brutus), a Brazilian-bred mare of Crabbet and Egyptian lines. Lumiar Ethna is out of Evening Star TGS by Lumiar Amadeus (RDS Dark Victory x CA Sabrina by Sabal). Evening Star TGS’s dam is the Varian-bred Promise V (ex Pavane V by Khemosabi out of Baycatka), bringing in the Bay el Bey blood once more through her sire, the Bey Shah paternal half-brother Huckleberry Bey (ex Taffona by Raffon).

Wilma PCF Sandro Pinha
Credit Javan

Looking to Wilma PCF’s damline is the mare Sophie Els, bred by Joaquim Caio Pereira Filho in Brazil. She is sired by PA Gazsi, a stallion no stranger to the winner’s circle, and sired in turn by the Qatari legendary that is Gazal al Shaqab. Gazal al Shaqab is from one of the most dominant sire lines of the past century, going back to the straight Egyptian stallion Mansour (Gamil Minial x Nafaa el Saghira by Sabbah I) through Mansour’s line of Nazeer – Morafic – Shaikh al Badi – Ruminaja Ali – Anaza el Faris – Gazal al Shaqab. PA Gazsi is out of Memphis NA, a Fame VF daughter out of Careliss Whisper, bringing in more Polish blood through her sire Laddinn’s Fire by Aladdinn (Nureddin x Lalage by Gerwazy) and out of Spring Baskette (Bask x Narteza by Witez II). Gainey blood comes in through Careliss Whisper’s dam, Kamarah by Mister Gaizon (Gaizon x RAD Kross Fire by Aniq) and she is out of Dark Melody (Sami Raja x Arabbann se Saad by Seserr), a mare whose Babson/Egyptian blood blends beautifully with the Polish.

Sophie Els is out of Nahja Els, sired by the Brazilian-bred Volcano HVP, by Nuzyr HCF (AF Don Giovanni x NV Ali Bey by Ali Jamaal), whose dam, Lady Psyche HVP, brings in the coveted blood of Padrons Psyche (Padron x Kilika by Tamerlan) and is out of the Bey Shah daughter WA Bey Shamnazona (ex Comar Chamnazona by Gai Champion). Nahja Els is out of Tanya Reyna, by the Bey Shah son BF Renaissance (ex BF Gaffi Siloette by RHR Scimitar out of Gaffi) and out of Talara el Jamaal (Ali Jamaal x Talbreena by Talal).

When put together, the Polish and strong Gainey lines are enhanced by the dryness of the Egyptian lines and the power of the Crabbet and Babson. The resulting filly, Wilma PCF, encapsulates the many qualities of her bloodlines, while also standing alone as a unique filly who is set to enchant the world.

Halul al Khor and SAC Sofiya
With Wilma PCF spreading Al Khor Stud’s name across the world, Nasser has turned his attention to creating a strong team around him, as well as promoting the stud’s young superstar stallion, Halul al Khor.

Halul al Khor Excalibur EA
Halul al Khor (Excalibur EA x PSL First Light). Credit Glenn Jacobs

Sired by Excalibur EA (Shanghai EA x Essence of Marwan EA by Marwan al Shaqab) and out of PSL First Light (Bellagio J x FF Abigail Bey by Pasafire Bey), Halal al Khor was bred by Nasser and he has won titles across Europe and the Middle East, including Gold Junior Male Champion at the Qatar National Show for Individual Owners and Silver Junior Male Champion at the Verona International Cup. Halul al Khor was also twice Silver as a yearling, including at the prestigious Qatar National Arabian Horse Show.

“We love Halul al Khor,” smiles Nasser. “He is a chestnut version of his flamboyant sire and has won many accolades for the Stud. We have bred a selected few of our mares to Halal al Khor and will see how he produces. We are also making him available to breeders in Qatar.

“In addition, we are offering 20 breedings in Europe free to breeders – 10 across Europe and 10 in Italy, where he stands with Andrea Boscarino. If anyone is interested, we kindly ask that they submit photographs and pedigrees of the mares they wish to use. To register interest and to submit the required information, please contact us through our social media account on Instagram @AlKhorStud, through the contact page in our website www.alkhorstud.com or directly WhatsApp our Farm Vet, Guillermo Bardó, on +974 5047 3134. Once our selection is made, the mare owners will be notified.”

With Wilma PCF and Halul al Khor in place as the stars of Al Khor Stud, Nasser looked for one more filly to bring in fresh bloodlines to his farm, this time focusing on Egyptian blood through the three-quarter Egyptian filly SAC Sofiya. Sired by the brilliant Junior Male World Champion EKS Farajj (Ibn Farid x EKS Bint Helwah by Laheeb) and out of AH Princess Soraya (Al Ayal AA x Jamila MPE by True Colours), SAC Sofiya was bred in South Africa by Skyroo Arabians. “Her tail female line goes back to Princess Fariha by The Egyptian Prince (Morafic x Bint Mona by Nazeer) and out of AK Fariha (Ibn Morafic x Gasaara by Faleh),” explains Naseer. “This filly will come to Europe this summer for Al Khor Stud, and we are excited to see her fly the flag for us.”

SAC Sofiya (EKS Farajj x AH Princess Soraya). Credit Alessio
SAC Sofiya (EKS Farajj x AH Princess Soraya). Credit Alessio

The team
As well as his devotion to the horses, another thing that is very important for Nasser is having the right team around him. “I very much believe that we have the right team finally in place – and part of that is in announcing Joe Rose as our new Manager. We feel very comfortable and excited to have him join us this month.”

Joe, who was born in the UK, has a wealth of experience with Arabian horses. Having started helping out a local ridden producer, Joe spread his wings to work for some of the big names not only in Europe and the Middle East, but also spending a year at Michael Byatt Arabians in the United States. “I have spent the past three seasons with Albidayer Stud in Sharjah, and my goal has always been to become a manager,” he explains. “I am so excited to have been given this opportunity by Nasser and have this chance to work with such an enthusiastic team. We all have the same goals and vision in mind for Al Khor Stud, and I think that is something very special indeed. I will be forever grateful to Nasser for taking me on, and I am honoured at the faith he has placed in me – while also being very excited for the years ahead!”

Nasser says: “I am looking forward to Joe being our manager. He is stepping up to this position with a wealth of experience behind him. Our goals are aligned in creating a breeding programme that produces the quality we seek. With Wilma PCF and Joe both joining Al Khor Stud, I feel that we are officially starting a new chapter – one that Joe will execute with us. It will be a new role for him, and new goals for us, and we are excited to be taking on these challenges together.”

Wilma PCF Al Khor Stud Royal Asad
Credit Javan

The future
For now, the attention will be on Wilma PCF, who will show at the Arabian Breeders’ World Cup in Scottsdale at the end of the month, no doubt with Joe there by her side in his first duty as his new role. She will once again be shown by Sandro, who says: “I am looking forward to Wilma’s continued success. I consider myself very fortunate to not only be her breeder, but also continue to handle her in the show-ring.”

Wilma PCF
Credit Nate White.

As for Nasser, he is looking forward to the future of Al Khor Stud as a whole. “Our hopes are to build a breeding programme that is based on a strong foundation,” he concludes. “Our aim is to develop a type and look of our own – an Al Khor Arabian. As with all breeders, we are open for opportunity, and will continue to look for carefully selected Arabian horses to join both our show string and breeding barn.

“We have set out new goals and we have a team in place that has the potential and experience to take us on this journey to achieving these goals. We are very excited with where we are at the moment, as well as where we want to go! And the success we have had with the incredible Wilma PCF marks the beginning of this amazing journey we now find ourselves on.”

Al Khor Stud

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