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The Australasian Arabian Breeders Coalition

With an ever-expanding groundswell of support, the Australasian Arabian Breeders Coalition (AABC) proudly launched in early 2022, with the singular purpose of promoting the breeding of purebred Arabian horses throughout Australasia. As breeding is fundamental to the future of the Arabian horse, and breeders the essential component that drives not only the breed but the industry forward, the Coalition is wholeheartedly committed to providing educational opportunities, resources, incentives, and support to assist all breeders of purebred Arabian horses as they pursue and achieve their breeding goals and objectives within the greater context of the rich history of our ancient breed.

To date, over two dozen progressive breeders from all across Australia and New Zealand have come together in one powerful community of professionals, joining forces to chart the path forward for the Arabian horse with innovation, inspiration and collaborative action. This trailblazing group of breeders includes:

The Australasian Arabian Breeders Celebration
The Coalition hosted their first event in December 2022 in beautiful Boneo Park, Victoria, in generous conjunction with the 50th Victorian Arabian Classic. This inspiring partnership of innovation, the Celebration, with tradition, the VIC Classic, culminated in an enlightening, empowering, and resoundingly rewarding event that brought together many of the Coalition Founding members, and their horses, for several days of activities.

Arabian expert and all-around equine ambassador Cindy Reich shared her lifetime of experience and expertise with breeders over two full days of breeding, conformation, form-to-function, and evaluation seminars. This knowledge was then put to practise, using the newly designed Arabian Assessment Scorecard with Cindy as principal assessor. More than two dozen Arabians were assessed in over 200+ categories of evaluation, covering conformation, breed type, athleticism and ridden performance. Modelled after the ultra-successful evaluation programmes of the Warmblood and Friesian that have transformed those breeds, the Arabian Assessment launched with great success and enthusiastic support from breeders, providing objective appreciation of breeding stock and invaluable insight for future breeding progress.

Look for a complete report of The Arabian Breeders Celebration later this month right here at thearabianmagazine.com.

The Australasian Arabian Breeders International Championships
The Coalition is also incredibly proud to host the first ever International Championships, showcasing the best of Arabian breeding both in Australia and New Zealand, on 4-5 February 2023 in the extraordinary venue of Willinga Park on the South Coast of New South Wales. The first event of its kind in the region, the International Championships will welcome a distinguished panel of judges from across the globe, including Chen Kedar and Eliyahu Khaloon, both from Israel; Isaac Taylor from the USA; and Leonie Williamson and Mark Lilley, both from Queensland.

With the focus on purebred Arabians in both halter and performance classes, the International Championships aims to elevate the standard of excellence in the region to the meet global expectation of achievement by evaluating all breeding and in-hand exhibits with the World Cup scorecard and in comparative finals, and all ridden exhibits with the industry-leading Ridden Scorecard. Ever innovating to encompass as many Arabian enthusiasts in the region as possible, competition both in-hand and under saddle for F1 Arabian Derivatives – Arabian-related equines with one registered Arabian parent, sire or dam – has also been included at the event. This welcome addition not only celebrates the amazing Arabian derivatives for which Australia and New Zealand are world famous but continues to support purebred breeders in every generation of production.

The International Championships will also shine the spotlight on the straight Egyptian Arabian, offering a full slate of exclusive championships both in halter and performance. This is also an industry first for the region, with generous prize money support from Simeon Stud to encourage these essential members of the breed to shine ‘Under the Stars’ at Willinga Park.

Looking forward to the future
Firmly committed to creating a greater sense of community, connection, support, and shared experience for breeders of purebred Arabian horses, the Coalition has also begun to host travel experiences for members. Most recently, an enthusiastic group of breeders attended the World Championships in Paris, stopping over in the United Arab Emirates on the return trip home to visit local breeders. Ajman Stud, Al Zobair Stud, and Dubai Stud welcomed the group with extraordinary generosity, showcasing the broadest extent of their world-famous programmes with warmth and candour. The Coalition looks forward to more collective travel opportunities ahead, beginning with Scottsdale and the Arabian Breeders’ World Cup early in the year, and Menton, the All Nations’ Cup and the US Nationals later in 2023.

The Coalition continues to be inspired by the generous support of breeders, owners, organisations, and professionals within the greater Arabian Community around the globe, not only in support of our efforts closer to home, but for the leadership and resources they continue to enthusiastically provide for the progress of the Arabian horse in every corner of the world.

As a positive, progressive community of ‘Breeders supporting Breeders’, the Australasian Arabian Breeders Coalition remains dedicated to advancing the profile and exposure of the Arabian horse as the ‘equine breed of choice’, not only in Australia and New Zealand, but everywhere horses are appreciated and loved the world over.

Find out more on the Australian Arabian Breeders Coalition website.

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All photography by Glenys Lilley.




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