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The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine: Celebrating the Champions – Calimeer

First published in The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine Volume I Issue IV July 2017.

Celebrating the Champions – Calimeer

Karen Dewey’s picture perfect grey Arabian stallion Calimeer (Edeon x Calamintha) recently picked up that golden ticket to the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) 2017.

Karen purchased ‘Bubs’ as a weanling from Biddesden Stud while her husband was at the Dorset Steam Fair with their heavy horses. Apparently, Graham took the news of the new colt fairly well! Bubs settled into life and spent his youth exploring the forest, socialising and attending a few shows. He grew alongside Karen’s children and he is a big part of the family.    “I backed him as a five-year-old,” explains Karen, “and spent a lot of time just getting him fit through lots of hacking which he. I do too. It’s our chilled out time together to chat and put the world to rights.

“He was very successful as a novice ridden stallion and six years ago, I started showing him myself rather throwing myself in at the deep end. I sought help from Lisa Phillips in fine tuning my show riding and our great friendship grew from there. We spent so much time together training and competing and just enjoying our two grey Arabians. The horses adored each other, and our adventures are well known thanks to articles in magazines such as this one.

“Not many people know, but I have quite bad rheumatoid arthritis and never know from one day to the next how bad my joints are going to be. Every four weeks, I go into hospital for a chemo-infusion to stop the disease progressing further. The treatment helps but makes me feel pretty dreadful. Bubs is my rock and even if I am feeling poorly, or my hands aren’t working properly, he is still my gentle sweet stallion and looks after me. I would trust him with my life.

“I am a registered para-rider, so the next thing to cross off our bucket list is to compete in the British Dressage (BD) para-competitions with Bubs. I think he would be the only Arabian stallion to do so. We already compete at affiliated BD dressage and have qualified for the Pet Plan Championships as well as the new BD Arabian. We have an amazing trainer in Angie Russell.”

Calimeer. Credit spidge event photography. 

It hasn’t been a straightforward road to success. Last year, Bubs had a mild lameness investigated and a bone scan revealed a spiral fracture in his left foreleg. Karen decided not to operate, and prepared for six weeks box rest and then a spell of paddock rest and rehabilitation. “The vets said to bring him back into work after three months, but we gave him six months out, to be sure,” Karen explains. “I wouldn’t rush him, but he came back into work better than ever and I think the break did him the world of good.

“I was so pleased to get him qualified in his dressage, but to get our HOYS ticket at the South of England County Show, taking the Arabian Championship, and then taking Supreme Overall Champion, was simply incredible! I’m in still shock. I can’t believe that we have finally done it! Our gallop in the championship felt as if we were galloping across the forest. He just went for it and it felt fantastic!

“We will spend the rest of the year working on our dressage and training for the big day at HOYS. I can’t wait; it’s going to be so exciting to ride my boy there. Just to get there as an amateur is beyond my wildest dreams.”

First printed in The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine Volume I Issue IV July 2017. To enjoy further content such as this, please visit The Arabian Magazine Shop.



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