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The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show – The Show Must Go On!

Good news for all Arabian horse lovers – the Scottsdale All-Arabian Horse Show will be going ahead in February 2021. Known by many as the greatest show on earth, the Scottsdale Show is a true highlight of the show calendar and in spite of restrictions, the 2021 show is set to be as amazing as ever.

All of the usual classes will be running, including the popular performance and international divisions, and there are also some new classes such as ranch riding rail and performance halter.

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The same amazing prize money will also be available, especially in those highly competitive Scottsdale Signature Stallion classes.

“There have to be changes to the 2021 show, but we have so many exciting things planned that we cannot wait to share,” enthuses Taryl O’Shea, Executive Director for the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona who organises the show. “The show will be compliant with the rules set by our governing bodies and local governments, but we hope that these will be kept to a minimum in terms of running the classes.”

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The biggest change to the show is that there will the absence of spectators due to international travel restrictions and lower capacity. “We will not be allowing spectators at the 2021 show,” explains Taryl. “To counter this, we have ramped up our online presence so that people will still be able to share in the excitement of the classes albeit from the comfort of their own homes.”

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The famed Shopping Expo will still be part of the event and will run separately from the competition. This will be open to both the general public and competitors, although the public will not be allowed into the competition areas.

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“We are updating things regularly as new information comes in,” finishes Taryl. “Ultimately, our goal is to keep everyone safe as well as produce a great event.”

For the latest news, visit www.scottsdaleshow.com

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All images credit Oscar Schatzberg


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