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San Joaquin V

First printed in The Arabian Magazine September 2012

Al Badr Arabians are the very proud owners of the Triple Crown winner, San Joaquin V (Jullyen el Jamaal x Sweet Klassique V). In 2008, the handsome San Joaquin V unanimously won the title of South African Supreme Stallion. He made his mark by achieving the same destiny in 2009 and again in 2010. In 2011 he once again set yet another record by becoming the first National Champion in South Africa to sire a National Champion. It was a proud moment indeed when father and son, FS Louis Figo (by JJ LA Suprema by Magnum Psyche), stood side by side in the winners’ circle as National Champion Senior Stallion and Junior Stallion respectively, thus proving San Joaquin V himself as a breeding stallion.

San Joaquin V

San Joaquin V has exceptional breed type with a high-set neck and soft, flexible poll. He has adequate bone and joints, with a true straight and well-carried tail. Thin skin gives him a lovely soft feel to the hand. He is gentle but masculine, and he thinks well of himself.

In addition to his classic pedigree, San Joaquin V was bred by the legendary Sheila Varian in the United States. Sheila has been breeding Arabian horses for well over 50 years, distinguishing herself as an outstanding horseman and a master breeder. Considering Sheila’s contribution to the Arabian horse breed, it came as no surprise when Monty Roberts declared that “Sheila Varian is a national treasure”. Sheila says: “It has always been my goal to breed towards my ideal horse. For over 50 years, I have bred equally for Arabian type, performance qualities, disposition and trainability. San Joaquin V certainly is such a horse.”

San Joaquin V
Credit Stuart Vesty

On the southern tip of Africa, somewhere deep within the unspoiled beauty and pristine beaches, lies a place of legacy. Nestled in the heart of Sardinia Bay in the Eastern Cape, just 20km south of Port Elizabeth, lies this great setting to raise the perfect Arabian horses. Inside, its unmasked elegance is a place where supreme Arabian horses are impeccably trained and groomed, a place where impeccable bloodlines are transcended into superior animals. This is the home of Al Badr Arabians.

Historically the Arabian horse has been recognised as a horse of beauty, intelligence, courage, endurance and romance. Bred and reared in close contact with man from the earliest records, Arabian Thoroughbreds are regarded as the purest and oldest breed of horse in the world. Known for its strength, beauty, stamina and well co-ordinated, easy stride with a stylish, naturally-balanced action, the Arabian is an immaculate animal. The high tail of the Arabian is a symbol of pride, and the arched neck the sign of courage. The broad chest, short back and sloped shoulder is said to give them power.

San Joaquin V
Credit Stuart Vesty (and lead photo)

These aspects, along with highly skilled trainers, ensure all the best possible conditions for raising the perfect horse, training and grooming them with the utmost care. Al Badr farm has immaculate stables, large open fields, a superb showground area and a world-class indoor arena. The facilities guarantee the best possible conditions for their Arabian horses.

Al Badr Arabians breeding philosophy is based on their passion and admiration of the Arabian horse. Its beauty is impressed on the hearts of those who encounter them and so they desire to produce champions of exceptional beauty in their type, movement and sentimental quality.

San Joaquin V

Al Badr Arabians wants every visitor, spectator and judge to recognise their exceptional products wherever they may be in the world. It is said, ‘no horse is perfect, no creation is perfect, but the soul can be soothed through the admiration of the Arabian horse’. For this reason, they believe it is their responsibility, using their wisdom and experience, to choose sires and dams with outstanding qualities and features to pass on to the future champions of the world.

We at Al Badr Arabians make our decisions carefully, with the help of the passionate hearts of Safwaan and Naeem Ally. We believe that it is important to choose our sires and dams, as well as grandsire and granddams, meticulously as a wise decision will result in an extraordinary outcome. We invite you to join us.

First printed in The Arabian Magazine September 2012

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