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Royal Asad

El Tino (DA Valentino x Imprimista CF) x Lumiar Ethna (RFI Maktub x Evening Star TGS)
Born 2015

Royal Asad is the young stallion the entire world has been expecting to create a legacy of his own is coming true in grand stature! This genetic giant is carrying his promise of pushing the Arabian breed to higher standards as a future sire of the breed and siring exotic, correct and athletic Arabian foals.

Royal Asad
All photography credit April Visel

Royal Asad is an exotic son of leading sire El Tino and he is on a mission to take his place among the breed’s greatest sires. Every foal to date has the stamp of their sire and leaves a lasting impression that one cannot erase from their minds. The large liquid eyeballs, extreme chiselled muzzles with delicate, refined black skin is a trademark stamp of this young sensational sire. His foals demand a must look at me attitude with extreme expression and beautiful high tail carriage.

Royal Asad

Now on his third foal crop, Royal Asad is siring champions around the globe, and we promise the best has yet to be seen!

If you are looking for your answer – you have found it. We predict he will be essential for your programme!

Royal Asad

2018 Scottsdale Show – International Gold Champion Junior Stallion
2017 Scottsdale Arabian Breeders Finals – Gold Champion Junior Colt
2017 Las Vegas World Cup- Gold Champion Junior Colt
2016 Brazilian Nationals – Unanimous Gold Champion Junior Colt

Standing at Royal Arabians, USA
SCID and CA Clear
For breeding info, contracts or to order semen please contact or call Natalia Nieves Guzzo on +1 760 443 4853
Royal Arabians website 

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