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Pride of Poland 2022

I was thinking for a long time about how to describe this year’s Pride of Poland auction, held in August. So long that it’s December, and it’s still hard to put into words what happened. It seems that this year, the word ‘Pride’ absolutely does not fit the August event – not just because of the poor organisation of the National Show, but also the auction itself. While I have tried to write objectively, I have discovered I cannot.

To start, the facts.

A total of 46 horses were in the auctions, the Pride of Poland and Summer Sale – 21 for Sunday’s auction and 25 for Monday’s Summer Sale. The list was too long, with too many very high quality horses were on it. In the past, many of them would have been the driving force behind the entire auction.

The wait for the catalogue was prolonged, and we waited even longer for the videos of the entered horses.

Atakama (Empire x Atma by Ekstern) sold for €175,000 to Poland

This year, they planned the parade of auction horse for the Saturday evening after the mare classes. While the rain brought the mare classes indoors, the organisers continued with the parade taking place outside. The heavy rain from Saturday had soaked the square near the clock tower stable with water, meaning that the horses could not move properly. There was also a problem with the lighting, meaning that the horses were simply not visible in the dark. There was no cover for the audience or media, meaning that the parade took place in pouring rain, in the dark, with wet horses and presenters, without an audience – although a few of the most persistent people stayed. The pre-auction parade is supposed to encourage buyers to bid, but it is difficult to encourage someone to buy a horse that could not be seen.

Sunday’s weather improved and, with the all-night efforts of firefighters to dry the area in front of the Clock Stable, the auction could go ahead as planned, and in much better conditions.

Bay stallion
Czaro (Poganin x Cedora by Kahil al Shaqab) sold for €30,000 to Great Britain

Following the championships, which were enjoyable, it was time for the auction. From my perspective as a photographer, there was even a moment that it was even beautiful. It was also exciting when we consider the fierceness of the auction.

From the first horse on the list, Egiria (Esparto x Egira by Emigrant) from Białka, it was fun, but also strange, when one bidder unexpectedly increased the price from €15,000 to €115,000 and they sold the mare for that amount. Everyone was happy, especially the buyer, and such a start warmed up the bidders and the audience. The French bidder who bid for Egiria also bought Lot 4, Poganinka (El Omari x Pentra by Poganin) for €220,000; Lot 5, Euzona (Om el Bellissimo x Euzetia by Etogram) for €220,000; and Lot 7, Esmeraldia (QR Marc x Emandoria by Gazal al Shaqab) for €400,000! Everyone was asking themselves if he would buy more horses, but he disappeared and stopped bidding.

grey mare
Egiria (Esparto x Egira by Emigrant) sold for €115,000 to France

bay mare
El Farida (RFI Farid x Esmeta by Eskstern) sold for €34,000 to Saudi Arabia

After then, the bids on the horses did not exceed €200,000. The most expensive were Atakama (Empire x Atma by Ekstern) for €175,000; Waranga (QR Marc x Wilga by Ekstern) for € 165,000; and Kabsztad (Poganin x Kwestura by Monogramm) for € 75,000. The full results are below. In total, they sold 14 horses for €1,596,000, a good result.

bay mare
Esmeraldia (QR Marc x Emandoria by Gazal al Shaqab) sold for €400,000 to France

grey mare
Etiffani (Justify x Ekstera by Ekstern) sold for €52,000 to Lebanon

Monday’s Summer Sale saw 19 horses from 25 sold for € 402,000, also a good result. The highest price was for Wieża Orientu (Ganges x Wieża Mocy by QR Marc), sold for €81,000.

Had the results of the auction as reported above stood, and all the bidders paid for and collected their horses, then the event would have indeed been a success, showing that the demand for Polish horses is still there. But the mystery bidder from France still has yet to pay for the horses he bid on and collect his stars from the stables of Janów and Michałow. If he does not, then it will reduce the value and success of both auctions. I find it incredible that such a bizarre situation has happened.

grey mare Pride of Poland
Euzona (Om el Bellissimo x Euzetia by Etogram) sold for €220,000 to France

I believe that the next editions of the auction will be successful, and I certainly want to believe this. I also believe that the organisers had good intentions and really wanted to hold a world-class auction. But in Poland, we have a saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Sometimes, good intentions alone are not enough.

chestnut stallion
Pinito (EKS Alihandro x Piniata by Eden C) sold for €12,000 to the Netherlands 

chestnut mare
Poganinka (El Omari x Pentra by Poganin) sold for €220,000 to France (and cover image)

Pride of Poland results
Egiria – €115,000, France
Esperana – withdrawn
Czaro – €30,000, Great Britain
Poganinka – €220,000, France
Euzona – €220,000, France
Elwimia – not sold
Esmeraldia – €400,000, France
Etiffani – €52,000, Lebanon
Atakama – €175,000, Poland
Pinito – €12,000, Netherlands
El Farida – €34,000, Saudi Arabia
Emandilla – not sold
Baskonia – not sold
Waranga – €165,000, Sweden
Ginegra – €27,000, Israel
El Mediara – €41,000, Netherlands
Eloiza – not sold
Lambada – not sold
Basilia – €30,000, Poland
Kabsztad – €75,000, Netherlands
Pireno – not sold

Summer Sale results
Effie – €25,000, UAE
Elwineria – not sold
Emblema – not sold
Eulerta – not sold
El Kahra – €14,000, USA
Fonarysa – €16,000, Sweden
Tartina – €35,000, Austria
Wygodna – €25,000, UAE
Armada – €14,500, Poland
Graten – €8,000, UAE
Pantanea – €12,000, Poland
Emfiria – €16,500, Belgium
Emocjana – €9,500, Sweden
Eubena – not sold
Epsa – €8,500, Poland
Piękna Dama – €39,000, USA
Petrona – €10,000, Poland
Chimeryk – €3,500, Poland
Paquita – €21,000, USA
Frazza – €32,000, Belgium
Zatoka Wenecka – €14,000, Germany
Celadon – not sold
Ebira – €17,500, Poland
Pathos – not sold
Wieża Orientu – €81,000, Belgium

For more information, visit the Pride of Poland website.

All words and photography by Patrycja Makowska.

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