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On the Cover – Ramses Mishaal Nadir

Our cover star for The Arabian Magazine in March 2010 was the straight Egyptian stallion Ramses Mishaal Nadir, at the time leased by Susan Gilbert of Summerlan Arabians in Texas. He certainly made for a gorgeous cover! 

sepia photo of Arabian stallion Ramses Mishaal Nadir on the cover of The Arabian Magazine

The love that people have for the Arabian horse has fascinated many for centuries. From the days of the Bedouin, bringing their war horses into the tent overnight, humans have lived a rich and rewarding life alongside their fellow steeds. Now a full decade into the 21st century, this fascination takes on a new dimension and as the horses of tomorrow echo their ancestors of the past. And nowhere is this truer than with this edition’s cover horse.

Ramses Mishaal Nadir is the king of the herd at Sumerlan Arabians in Magnolia, Texas. His guardian is Susan Gilbert and to her, this four-year-old stallion represents her ambitions of the past, blended with her dreams of the future.

Cover star Ramses Mishaal Nadir with his head bowed to the sun

Susan describes Ramses Mishaal Nadir: “This fine young stallion exudes overall harmony and type, balance, substance and powerful movement plus that all-important ‘in-your-tent’ personable temperament that draws so many people to the Arabian breed. Nadir was 2007 Egyptian Event Top Ten World-class Colt and he is full of promise for a very exciting future career both in the show-ring and the breeding barn.”

Nadir is sired by the powerful grey *Mishaal HP (Ansata Sinan x Mesoudah M), a Gold Medal winner at the German Stallion Licensing and a Leading Halter Sire at the Egyptian Event. In 2007, the same year Nadir was shown at the Event, *Mishaal HP went Reserve Supreme Egyptian Event Stallion.

Cover start Ramses Mishaal Nadir walking in the sun

Meanwhile, Nadir’s dam is the beautiful fleabitten Ramses Minx (The Desperado x Ramses Effendi), the newly celebrated 2009 Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Mare. Ramses Minx comes from the highly-respected Ramses herd, owned by Mrs Felton, and through her dam, she carries a high potency of the Ramses blood, which is so rare in modern breeding.

The combination of sire and dam beautifully blends the old look with new vibrancy, all captured in Nadir: he is striking, tall, powerful, rangey. He has all the charisma that a stallion should, yet also has the grace and bond needed to be the true Bedouin horse.

Cover star Arabian stallion Ramses Mishaal Nadir tossing his head

In 2010, as Sumerlan Arabians looks to the next decade, Susan eagerly awaits the spring when the Nadir’s first foals will arrive. Without hesitation, Susan has bred Nadir to such world-class mares as Imperial Falaah (Imperial Imdal x Imperial BTFawkia) and Maymaara Maysam SA (*Farid Nile Moon x MB Maymaara) are both due to Nadir. For 2010, Nadir has an exciting group of brides waiting for him, daughters of such classic stallions as El Halimaar, Imperial Madheen, Richter, Jabbaar El Halimaar, Farid Nile Moon and True Colours. Many are watching, waiting, for the arrival of these first foals. With the classic Ramses lines mixed with the impressive Mishaal HP make a potent mix and with such classic lineage in Nadir, his foals should be noteworthy.

For now, while Susan awaits Nadir’s first foals, she is happy to share that unique bond between stallion and custodian, deepening the Bedouin tradition begun so many centuries ago.

All photography by Randi Clark

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