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October 2022 marked The Arabian Magazine family celebrating 18 years of publishing, a wonderful milestone – one we could not have reached without the support of you all.

However, the world is now a fast-evolving place, and the way people respond to media is forever changing. All the news we want is, inevitably, in our pockets as we go about our daily lives and as such, it is time for The Arabian Magazine to reflect this and evolve once more.

The last big change for us was in 2016, when we evolved the printed magazine into The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine, a change that allowed us to focus on more in-depth articles, particularly the absorbing history of the Arabian horse, and engaging in finer detail with our breeders and enthusiasts from around the world. The more immediate news, show reports and regular exclusive features such as Cover Star stories are all available on our free-to-everyone website, TheArabianMagazine.com.

We now live in a time where the world turns online first for information, so we have made the decision to focus more on TheArabianMagazine.com to deliver more regular updated news and articles, but still producing at least two beautiful copies of The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine per year, with extra editions printed as and when opportunities arise. TheArabianMagazine.com will have much more frequent postings, with more special interviews and features. We are also exploring the concept of video articles.

The Arabian Magazine has always been about celebrating the true heart and soul of the Arabian horse, and that will never change. In fact, I am excited to be able to explore the new opportunities that utilising the website will present to us. We have many exciting plans in place already and are speaking to breeders and enthusiasts around the world about how they can be involved with this very-current version of a long-established magazine.

There are such instant demands made on our lives here in the 2020s, and this evolution for The Arabian Magazine – the fourth in its history – reflects this.

I am excited by the future, and I look forward to continuing to bring to you the high-quality reports from the magical world of the Arabian horse that The Arabian Magazine is known for. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and continuing to share the lives of our Arabian equine heroes with you.





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