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LF Aarmaan Vittorio

Magic Magnifique (True Colours x Magic Mon Amour) x LF Aliyyah Vivendi (The Verdict HG x Belle el Jamaal)
Born 2016
Homozygous black
Owned by La Fame Arabians, Germany

LF Aarmaan Vittorio
Credit Lore Beckers

LF Aarmaan Vittorio is one of the very few homozygous black sons of Magic Magnifique and is out of the ethereal LF Aliya Vivendi. His Lineage is royal and crosses extremely well with every modern show line available.

Over the past couple of years, Aarmaan has made a name for himself as being a consistent producer of high quality foals with beautiful faces and distinct type. His first get are just beginning to show and there are more waiting in the rings.

LF Aarmaan Vittorio
Credit Lore Beckers

Many breeders across Europe have already taken advantage of his prepotency as a sire. We feel like this is just the beginning of something very special!

Notable progeny include:

  • Aziza Aarmaani (ex Monira Bint Amir), German National Silver Champion Filly, bred by Sax Arabians, Germany, and owned by Al Nasser Stud, Qatar
  • Houdini ARA (ex AV Happy Diamonds), European Championship Top Five Colt, bred and owned by Alban Krösbacher, Austria

LF Aarmaan Vittorio
Credit Lore Beckers

Standing at La Fame Arabians, Germany
Fresh semen available for Europe
Frozen semen available for worldwide shipping
Contact: Martina Ostermeier


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