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GR Moneef

GR Faleeh (Madallan-Madheen x Fasinah el Chamsin) x GR Mona (Madallan-Madheen x Ebony Monisa)
Born 2008
Straight Egyptian
Homozygous black
Owned by Rothenberg Stud, Germany

GR Moneef (GR Faleeh x GR Mona)

GR Moneef is a pure black stallion without any white markings. He is sired by GR Faleeh, a black stallion and show winner exported to Kuwait. GR Moneef’s is linebred to his grandsire on both sides of his pedigree, our Gold Premium black foundation stallion Madallan-Madheen (Ansata el Salaam x Madinah).

GR Moneef is an outstanding straight Egyptian stallion who has it all – exotic type, fantastic body and topline, gorgeous movement, super friendly character, and fantastic pedigree. He is a gorgeous producer of exotic black foals all over the world, including Europe, Argentina, Kuwait, Namibia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, the UAE, and the USA.

GR Moneef (GR Faleeh x GR Mona)

Standing at public stud in Germany, fresh semen in excellent quality available
Frozen semen for worldwide shipping
Website: Gestuet Rotheberg



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