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Global Champions Arabians Tour and CENECA Announce Schedule Adjustment for the 2024 Tour

In a collaborative spirit, the organising committees of the Global Champions Arabians Tour and CENECA, the esteemed organisers of the World Arabian Horse Championships, have reached a mutual agreement to adjust the 2024 tour schedule, specifically by not including the Paris stage in this year’s events. This decision was made after thoughtful and comprehensive discussions, ensuring alignment with our shared vision and goals for the Global Champions Arabians Tour as well as for the World Arabian Horse Championship.

Our teams conducted detailed evaluations, and, upon considering various essential factors, agreed that this adjustment was in the best interest of ensuring both the tour’s and the WAHC’s success. We want to assure our community that this decision came from a place of constructive and forward-thinking deliberation, aimed at enhancing the experience for all participants and stakeholders.

We see this organizational change not as a setback but as an opportunity to explore new possibilities and avenues for collaboration between us. Both organizations are keen on continuing to work together on future projects and are optimistic about the future, staying committed to celebrating and promoting the beauty and spirit of Arabian horses across the globe.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved – participants, sponsors, and supporters – for their unwavering support and understanding. This journey is a collaborative effort, and your continued enthusiasm and commitment keep inspiring us.

We look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead and to sharing more beautiful moments in the world of Arabian horse competitions.

For further inquiries or information, please contact:

Global Champions Arabians Tour
Hannah McCabe, PR & Communications Manager
E-mail: hannah@gcarabianstour.com
Tel: +971 52 6100577

Valérie Baillon, Office Manager
E-mail: worldchampionshipoffice@ceneca.fr
Tel: +33 1 86 70 82 35

Together, we continue to stride forward, embracing change and innovation for the betterment of our community and Arabian horses.


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