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EXXALT: Bred to Breed On

Words by Samantha Mattocks                                               Photography by Javan


Some horses shine. They excel.


Some horses are born for greatness.


Some of those horses surpass all that is expected of them.


Exxalt is this horse.


This is a horse that is bred to breed on.

From the moment he was born, Exxalt had an energy about him. His arrival in the world in 2014 was one that had been anticipated for many generations – his is a story that began with his great-granddam, Princess Tammen.

Bred and owned by Frances Butler, Sybil and Jeff Collins, and Kay and James Smith, Exxalt has spent his whole life with Ted Carson at Butler Farms in White Oak, North Carolina. Twice shown and twice a champion, Exxalt has taken the two most important titles on the North America show scene – US National Champion Futurity Colt, and Scottsdale International Gold Champion Colt.

“Exxalt was bred to breed on – and the success with his first foal crop proves that,” says Ted. “We wanted to give this young stallion the best opportunity we could to becoming a global-recognised breeding sire. Exxalt has the genetic pool to do it – and his first foals show a great level of consistency. We want to give Exxalt the time that he deserves.”

Shown at the open barns at Scottsdale, it was noted by many that Exxalt is a horse that is superior to all the marketing around him. His full sister, Exxaltress, was also at the show and was unanimous Scottsdale Champion; she has now been sold within the United States.

“It was around five or six years ago that I decided it was time to breed a significant sire in the industry,” says Ted. “The following year, Exxalt and Alexxander (Excalibur EA x AR Most Irrestitable) were born. Exxalt is US National Champion, and Alexxander was named World Champion Colt in Paris last year. I may be a trainer but I wanted to feel the pain of a breeder – and also the joy. The last four years have been pretty incredible – and there is more to come.”

All the talk at the moment is about Exxhale, Exxalt’s yearling daughter out of DA Elegantra (DA Valentino x DA Magnafire). “Exxhale is the pinnacle of what we have been trying to achieve since we first purchased LF Triumphant Star at the US Egyptian Event all those years ago. She is an incredible filly, and is owned by the same partners who bred Exxalt, making it exciting times for them.” Exxhale, too, went champion in Scottsdale, and hers is a path I will keenly follow with interest.





Make no doubt about it: a new dynasty is being created right before your eyes at the moment. Exxalt will surely end up as one of the greats – and if his first foal crop is anything to go by, that recognition may come sooner than anyone ever expected.

Elevea exx Sayida













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