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EKS Mansour returns!

EKS Mansour may be just seven-years old, but he already has a rich and proven history behind him. Not only is his pedigree one of the most current in the world today, this dynamic stallion has already garnered titles across Europe and the Middle East. This summer will see him return to the show-ring once more, and expectations are high as the world waits to see this showy stallion return to the spotlight.

EKS Mansour is owned by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani of Al Shahania Stud, Qatar, and he is one of their leading sires. Purchased for his pedigree as well as his many qualities, EKS Mansour is more than proving Sheikh Mohammed’s faith in him. Not only has he been a star of the show-ring, he is also showing his worth as a sire.

The pedigree
What makes Mansour so special is, in part, down to his pedigree. Bred by Elkasun Arabian Horse Stud in South Africa, EKS Mansour is one of the first-born progeny of the great EKS Alihandro, also bred by Elkasun. EKS Alihandro needs no introduction having been unbeaten across Europe in 2012 and 2013, culminating in unanimously winning the Junior Male World Championship in Paris in 2013. A return to the ring in 2016 saw hime once more unanimously crowned in Paris, this time as a senior stallion. Hopes are high that EKS Mansour will follow in Alihandro’s footsteps and take another title in Paris later this year.

EKS Alihandro is a son of the legendary stallion Marwan al Shaqab, a son of the great Gazal al Shaqab whose sireline goes back to the incomparable straight Egyptian Nazeer (Mansour x Bint Samiha). This line surely has to have been one of the most influential in the last century in terms of the sheer number of superstars that have come from this glorious dynasty of sons – Marwan al Shaqab, Gazal al Shaqab, Anaza el Farid, Ruminaja Ali, Shaikh al Badi, Morafic, Nazeer. I can think of no other line so prolific and so globally diverse. However, looking to EKS Alihandro’s damline, we have the mare OFW Psylhouette, a daughter of another internationally recognised stallion, Padrons Psyche (Padron x Kilika). He, too, was a breeding giant through his sireline and his sons, just on a smaller scale than that remarkable Nazeer-Marwan al Shaqab line. OFW Psylhouette is out of Hafati Julianna, a daughter of the great RSD Dark Victory (Bey Shah x Kamasi Sabaha) and out of PGN Flirtation (Aristo Kossak x Familia).

EKS Mansour is out of the mare, EKS Phateena. She is sired by the super WN Star of Antigua, a son of the Russian giant Monogramm (Negatraz x Monogramme) and out of WN Antigua (GG Samir x Naborrs Joy), bringing in some Spanish blood through GG Samir, a son of Jacio (Tabal x Teorica) and out of Alhaja (Maquillo x Habichuela). The influence of Marwan Al Shaqab is once more evident, this time through EKS Phateena’s dam, his daughter Phaeddra. Her dam in turn, Patrina de Parys, is an intriguing combination of Jamaal, Russian, Polish and Gainey lines. Her sire is Parys el Jamaal (Ali Jamaal x FF Pavielle) while she is out of the straight Russian Palitrina, by Menes (Nabeg x Metropolia) and out of Palitra (Salon x Panama).

When blended together, EKS Mansour has an impressive pedigree, one that is full of influential horses within the Arabian breed, and one that is proven.

EKS Mansour. Credit Kelly Campbell.

The horse
It was the Italian trainer Giacomo Capacci who discovered EKS Mansour. Immediately, Giacomo recognised that this young colt had all the qualities needed to join Al Shahania’s elite stallion herd, not just as a show horse but as a future sire to cross with the farm’s mares.

EKS Mansour began his showing career in Europe, at the 2015 Trapani Show held on the west coast of Sicily. There, he made a dramatic entrance to the show-ring, captivating judges and spectators alike. Having won his class, he was unanimously awarded the Gold Junior Male Championship title and he also earned the highest score of the show. From there, EKS Mansour went to the prestigious Mediterranean and Arab Countries Arabian Horse Championships, an International A Show. Again, he impressed, winning his class and taking home the Silver Junior Male Championship amid strong competition. EKS Mansour then went to the Paris World Championships, placing second in his class and finishing just outside a medal position in the Junior Male World Championship.

The following year saw EKS Mansour compete as a stallion for the first time, in what would be his only show of the year. He competed at Deauville, winning his class and taking the Senior Male Championship later in the show.

It would be 2017 before EKS Mansour would return to the show-ring again, winning his stallion class at the Qatar International Arabian Horse Show. There, in his home country, this young stallion added a Silver Senior Male Championship to his collection.

Now, two years later, the stage is set for EKS Mansour to return to the ring once more, and anticipation is high, for this is an incredible, naturally showy horse. Full of charisma and Arabian type, EKS Mansour has much to offer, as proven by his consistency in the show-ring.

Giacomo says: “EKS Mansour’s style, charm and charisma show a great blend of his pedigree. His presence and attitude are, for me, what makes him so unique. We are excited to present him to the world once more, challenging the history that his ancestors have already created. I have no doubt that EKS Mansour will live up to this expectation – and more.”

EKS Mansour offers so much promise, especially through his pedigree. But while his bloodlines may be steeped in history, you just know that this is a horse ready to write his own chapter. EKS Mansour. Dream a little – and open your eyes. Here he is!


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