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Editorial – The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine Volume III Issue II

I am sitting to write this last editorial of 2018 – and some music comes on. The Sound of Silence by Disturbed. For anyone who has been to the Paris World Championships, you cannot fail to be moved by this piece of music – and let’s face it; it is a moving piece of music anyway! So often in Paris, on the World Top Ten Sunday when the garlands are awarded for the World Championship titles, this music plays. It seems to capture the emotion of the moment so well, as 10 beautiful Arabians in each division are in the ring together, the judges walking around to assess each horse before they make their choice. This music stirs the soul. It moves you. And as the crescendo builds, and the singer expresses such raw emotion, it is hard not to be moved to tears. For in the ring, are some of the very best horses in the world. And aren’t we all so incredibly lucky to have them in our lives?

For the beauty of the Arabian horse is not that they are about just one moment. They are for every moment. 2018 has been an incredibly difficult year for so many people, and yet there has been one common thread on social media that has held true – that people find comfort in their Arabian horses. That time spent in their company helps us find our happiness again. Time spent out hacking clears the mind. And time spent just in the stables, listening to them gently eating hay as the lights turn out and darkness creeps its way in, reminds us that everything will be okay.

I have now written well over 100 editorials for The Arabian Magazine, and now The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine, and I never fail to be amazed at just how strong the connection is that each of us has with the Arabian horse is. And it is because of them, that we all come together – at shows, at events, such as next year’s WAHO Conference in Australia, at endurance rides, out on the beach or in the woods for a gentle Sunday hack, and at farms the world over. The people we meet create a wonderful, colourful tapestry, and it is the soul of the Arabian horse that binds us altogether. How lucky are we?

I can think of no other breed where people travel the world in such a way, constantly moving, looking and learning. And then falling in love, time after time, with the Arabian horse. A moment at a private farm that stirs you, or maybe a horse showing itself with such pride at a show that it moves you to tears and brings you out in goosebumps. And the beauty is, this can be found anywhere and everywhere. The Arabian horse is the connecting light between us all, and through them, lifelong friendships have been made.

And so, as the year draws to a close, I feel that many of us will be seeking silent solace with our Arabian horses. Through adversity, the relationship between man and horse has remained constant. I truly feel that we are all blessed, to have the love of this most beautiful and majestic animal in our lives. Look after them, and each other, and let’s hope for a brighter 2019 for everyone.


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