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Editorial – The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine Volume II Issue III

I fear that 2018 has proven to be a difficult start to the year for many people. So many people have been ill with winter viruses, and then there has been the weather! The weather across the northern hemisphere has been terrible, with more snow than people have seen for decades, while in the southern hemisphere, places such as southern Australia have constant weather warnings for storms. While this may be from one extreme to the other, there is one thing in common – this weather is not good for preparing horses for showing, photographing or breeding!

However, as ever among all the doom and gloom, there are always things to smile about. The photos of Arabian horses in the UK and the US enjoying the snow were shared on The Arabian Magazine Facebook page. The climax of the Australasian show season has seen happy faces being shared on social media as a breeder’s dream comes true. And even if you are not showing, such posts always raise a smile.

For that is the beautiful thing about this incredible world we live in, that of the Arabian horse. This common bond that brings us altogether means that, ultimately, we can share in other peoples’ happiness, feel sorrow at their pain, and congratulate when a milestone is reached. This world is such a small place, and our love and passion for the Arabian horse makes it even smaller.

My favourite part of putting this edition together is, always, talking to breeders. The Breeders’ Interviewis such an integral part of this publication and I love the variety and depth that different breeders around the world bring. While there is often commonality between their answers, it is also interesting just how diverse some are – and how we all see the same world in such a different way.

Underlining this difference is the fact that we are all in love with the Arabian horse – its many qualities make us smile and our hearts sing. They move us to tears, they form the fabric of our lives and I like to think that they make us better people, as we share our lives with them, learning their quirky habits, their diva demands, and their gentle nature that can make the most disspirited person smile.

The Arabian horse is so present in the hearts of people around the world due a huge number of different people, each having their own vision of perfection, and striving to achieve it. And I believe that is where the strength of this magical world lies – with the breeders. Their knowledge, their experiences, are something that no amount of money can buy. And with the passing of an older generation – such as Lenita Perroy, who sadly passed away earlier this year – we must be sure to listen to them, and to share their history, for the generations to come. For if we are not custodians of the Arabian breed now, and the rich tapestry that goes with it, then how can we expect those coming along, those new to the breed, to care? If we do not look to preserving all that has gone before, then we can only expect a fractured future.

And so let us continue to look forward, with the whispers of the past around us, and carry on being custodians of the breed. Each of us is responsible for the future and, thankfully, the past is there to support us in our quest.

Please enjoy this edition, and the knowledge that can be found within in.


Cover horse: Exxalt (Excalibur EA x Vesperra), as photographed by Javan.


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