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Editorial – The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine Vol VI Issue III

Cycles always fascinate me. We all live by the rhythms of life, even if we don’t realise it. From the changing seasons to moments in time – even the deadlines for this magazine – we are all guided by an invisible force, one that affects all that we do.

I always remember someone saying to me once to “watch the birds; mirror what they do. When they are quiet, it is time for you to be quiet. And when they are busy, it is time for you to be busy, too.” As I speak to breeders and friends around the world, both sides of this are reflected. Australasia, for example, is just starting its breeding season, the shows are coming, as is spring; the birds are getting busier. Yet in Europe – especially after the heatwave we have all suffered – the birds are becoming quieter, just as the days become shorter and we turn our minds to all the tasks that need to be done at the stables before winter.

The great joy of this, of course, is that it means the European title shows are on their way. This magazine will debut at my favourite show, the All Nations’ Cup in Aachen, an event that has been very missed since the pandemic caused the show to be cancelled for two consecutive years. There is nothing like the excitement of being inside the Albert-Vahle-Halle, listening to the first strains of the Triumphal March from Verdi’s Aida, and waiting for the first horses to appear in the ring. Triumphal cheers from previous years still echo around the arena. And every year, we return like birds, all following the invisible force that draws us there. Friendships are renewed, new ones are made, and we look to those who have gone before to check that the path we are on remains true.

The Arabian horse brings so much to our lives. Since starting this magazine 18 years ago, I have found that there is so much to share about our beloved breed. Even talking to someone for a soundbite for this edition resulted in a tearful conversation as we recalled the immense love, but true heartbreak, the Arabian breed can sometimes bring. And the tears can be happy, too. That moment your dream foal is born, when you successfully complete a dressage test, when you have those perfect quiet moments with your horse after a long day, and yes, when you hear Verdi in Aachen.

The world is a very complicated place right now, and I think we are all lucky to have such strong connections to each other through the horses. Regardless of where we go in the world, there is always someone we know, a farm to visit, a story to be heard. And as the rhythm of life goes on, these connections become stronger than ever.

See you in Aachen, Samantha

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Lead photo: Mulawa Karismaa (Magnum Psyche x Karmaa), bred and owned by Mulawa Arabian Stud and photographed by Stuart Vesty
Bay mare in show halter


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