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East Coast Championships Part I

The east coast of Australia seems to have been working its way through the biblical plagues over the last 18 months, with drought, bushfires, COVID-19 and then, right on time for the East Coast Championships 2021, torrential rain and floods. Some competitors attended the first day only to then find themselves on the wrong side of the river to return to the show. Others were stuck for several days after the show ended and had to do a lengthy trip up to the Hunter Valley and back over a very winding road to get home. Not only had the various rivers flooded, but the mountain road was closed due to landslides.

There is also a mouse and rat plague now. It hasn’t quite reached Sydney yet, but the country is infested – just Google ‘NSW mouse plague’ if you want to see the videos. Biblical plagues indeed!

In spite of restrictions on numbers and the threatened border closures, the East Coast Championships was run and had good attendance.

Below are the purebred results – full results from the show can be found at on the NSW Arabian Horse Association Facebook page and photographs can be found on the Glenys Lilley Foxwood Photography website.

Yearling Filly
Champion – I Adore MI (Allegiance MI x Ivory MI), Ricky Carver and Carlie Beer

 I Adore MI
I Adore MI

Reserve Champion – Salam Black Velvet (RNZ Scorza x Shaylen Park Ooh La Laa), Allan and Lynda Sonter

Top Five – Shuwayma Al Dawla (RHR Heir of Marwan x Bremervale White Rose), Diaa Kara-Ali; Fallon KA (Ulysium x Picnic Park Pazzaz), Gary and Catherine Cunningham; and Jazzaba al Dawla (RHR Heir of Marwan x SA-Har Sweet Malody), Diaa Kara-Ali

Yearling Gelding
Champion – Valhalla FF (Craveff x Beguine OH), Sabble Farm and Future Farms

Valhalla FF
Valhalla FF

Reserve Champion – Valor MI (Allegiance MI x Always Valentine MI), Mulawa Arabian Stud

Top Five – Kourage MI (Klass x Mustang’s Magnum), Jennifer Hargraves; and Ricochet MI (Allegiance MI x Racquel MI), Theresa Lungwitz and Nikki and Scott Shegog

Yearling Colt
Champion – Jasper FF (Volcom FF x Mystica Jamarlee), Sabble Farm and Future Farms

Jasper FF
Jasper FF

Filly two-three years
Champion – Crown of Dreams RA (Chelleason Crown Jewel x Ramadan Dream Maker), Melynda Goss

Crown of Dreams RA
Crown of Dreams RA

Reserve Champion – Javalia FF (Volcom FF x Mystica Jamarlee), Future Farms

Top Five – Aphrodite’s KA (Ulysium x Gees Serenity), Gary and Catherine Cunningham; Chelsea MI (Kavalier MI x Klassical Chance MI), Ricky Carver and Carlie Beer; and Skaarlett O’Hara J-S (Renaissance x D’Amors Montoyaa Shaklan), Debbie Lorraine Hage

Gelding two-three years
Champion – Daitan Kiss My Crown (Chelleason Crown Jewel x Philadelphia Kei), Tracy McManus

Daitan Kiss My Crown
Daitan Kiss My Crown

Reserve Champion – Vain MI (Allegiance MI x Always Valentine MI), Nikki Frisby

Colt two-three years
Champion – Zarahemla Maverick (Allegiance MI x Milly Van Ryad Ora), Peter and Tania Hornby

Zarahemla Maverick
Zarahemla Maverick

Reserve Champion – Hermes MI (Allegiance MI x MI Harmony), Ricky Carver and Carlie Beer

Top Five – Simeon Shem Tov (Simeon Seifan x Simeon Susula), Al Munawar Arabian Stud; Eminem Akoustik (Eminem Cymphonique x Hume Creek Annikka), Mary Colling Triggs; and Reyadh J-J (Saudi El Perseus x Jaballa Anjullique), Melinda Jade Millard

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Mare four-to-eight years
Champion – Bella Mirelle SBA (EKS Alihandro x Martini Thyme RTA), Sabble Farm

Reserve Champion – Klassical Aspiration MI (Klass x Mulawa Aspiring), Ricky Carver and Carlie Beer

Top Five –Amarillo Park Bey Princess (Bey Rafiq x Amarillo Park Shulamit), Samantha Jay Rosser

Gelding four-to-eight years
Champion – Klaim MI (Klass x Forever Fame), Renee Edwards

Klaim MI
Klaim MI

Reserve Champion – Vantage MI (Allegiance MI x Always Valentine MI), Glenys Joan, Samantha Louise and Philip Fallick

Top Five – Allegro MI (Allegiance MI x Krystal MI), Ricky Carver and Carlie Beer; Aston Martin FF (Enzo x Athena FF), Future Farms; QHF Quartz Hill Farm Dark By Design (Craveff x Quartz Hill Farm Georgia Peach), Sharyn Williams and Robert Towner

Stallion four-to-eight years
Champion – Monarque MI (Marwan al Shaqab x Mustang’s Magnum), Kerrie Gordon

Monarque M
Monarque MI

Champion – Oso Xannya (Hun x Danaes Xenia), Amanda Kettlewell

Oso Xannya
Oso Xannya

Reserve Champion – Breathless Vision PCF (PCF Vision x Breath of Spring PSY), Sabble Farm and Future Farms

Top Five – Miss Fame (Fame Maker R x Miss Bonus), Lehan Britten

Gelding eight years and over
Champion – Allegiant MI (Allegiance MI x MI Angel), Ricky Carver and Carlie Beer

Allegiant MI
Allegiant MI

Reserve Champion – Prince CharmingFF (Brumarbas Future x Bremervale Charmed), Cherie Mills

Top Five – Chase KA (Craveff x Vaya), Wendy and Hannah Blanch; Amir Sir Real Khalid (SF Sir Real x Mystica Fareedah), Gary and Catherine Cunningham; and OSO Leonardo (Aloha Kaaba x OSO Locket), Letitia Anne Lyon

Mares aged eight and over
Champion & Queen of Sheba Award winner – Shayala (USA) (Shael Dream Desert x Cassiopeia BPA), Sabble Farm and Future Farms


We all look forward to more normal conditions for the rest of 2021.

You can read more show reports here at The Arabian Magazine.

For part two in our East Coast Championships report, click here.


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