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Bringing together breeders from around the world

The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine is a true coffee table book, celebrating the very best of the Arabian horse – the true heart and soul of this amazing breed that we fell in love with, and that has captivated us ever since. Through the pages of this beautiful publication, the focus is on the breeders, the horses and the the history, as well as in-depth interviews, pedigree focus, and beautiful photographs.

We would like to invite you to join us in this unique and much-applauded publication that continues to receive international acclaim with each edition.

The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine continues to have the most competitive advertising rates across all the different magazines, so can you really afford not to be a part of this acclaimed publication? The Arabian Breeders’ Magazine truly helps you stand out from the crowd as it is so different from anything else out there.

Please contact us today to be a part of our next edition, which will have additional circulation at the Menton Show, the US Egyptian Event, the Egyptian Event Europe, and the Chantilly Breeders’ World Cup. More importantly, however, the publication will be found in the homes of many breeders around the world, all continuing their search to improve their programme through new stallions and bloodlines.

The deadline for this edition is 17 May, so please do not delay and contact us today to book your space for both advertising and editorial.

We look forward to sharing your horses with discerning breeders around the world. Can you really afford not to be part of this revolutionary and much-applauded publication?

Our advertising prices start at just £250 GBP (€295 EUR, $325 US) per page, and the deadline for the next edition is 30 May. You can book your space – be it advertising or editorial – by e-mailing info@thearabianmagazine.com or calling +44 (0)1508 536099 during UK office hours.


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