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BEVA Launches Easy Online Learning Platform

BEVA Launches Easy Online Learning Platform

In response to member requests BEVA has created a new easy access online learning platform.  Launched at BEVA Congress 12-15 September 2018, it gives members easy access to free high quality online CPD in a variety of appealing formats, including handy bite-sized refreshers and pre-course learning. 

Last year’s membership survey included numerous requests for more flexible and accessible CPD. Already a world leader in the provision of equine CPD, BEVA immediately rose to the challenge of producing a comprehensive menu of highly accessible learning options. 

The new online platform offers a choice of bite-sized CPD top ups and pre-course learning as well as BEVA’s existing popular webinar series. It can be accessed from home or work, via a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, for no extra cost to BEVA members. 

The new bite-sized learning provides short, sharp learning options as an easy and fun way for members to get their CPD hours in. The learning options in this section are no more than 20 minutes long and are very specific to ensure that the topic is covered within the time frame without affecting the quality. The CPD is delivered in a variety of formats including clinical quizzes, case scenarios and ‘action’ consequence activities which involve choosing a route of treatment and following it to a final outcome. 

The new pre-course learning should be particularly well-received by members because it means BEVA’s outstanding CPD courses can be focused entirely on the practical elements on the day, with the theory now being covered in the online learning. 

Course organiser Lucy Grieve explains: “Our new pre-course learning will enable Course speakers to better tailor the day to the needs of the delegates. We will be able to review experience, skills and knowledge of each delegate from the answers they have submitted ahead of the course on the online learning platform. People can then be placed in groups of similar experience for the practical sessions, which means individuals will gain more from their experiences.” 

The pre-course online learning will be added to the BEVA Radiography & Ultrasound Fundamentals course in October. Post-course quizzes will allow BEVA to assess how delegate knowledge has developed as a direct result of the course. 

“This is especially useful for BEVA as it means we can continually improve and evolve courses that are repeated based on learner outcomes rather than just relying on feedback,” said Lucy. 

BEVA’s popular monthly webinars, delivered by leading experts and covering the breadth of equine veterinary medicine, have all been moved across to the learning platform. They are free to view for BEVA members and are available to all congress delegates until the end of October 2018. 

Sarah Gasper, BEVA’s Learning Manager said: “Our new Online Learning Platform is an exciting new development for BEVA CPD. It improves accessibility to up to date, high quality material for all members, irrespective of location and time availability. We will be developing the platform over the coming months and continually adding more interactive CPD content, including specific areas for new and recent graduates and nurses. 

Visit the new Online Learning Platform here: https://www.beva.org.uk/Home/Education/Online-Learning 

 You can also enter the annual BEVA Congress imaging quiz via this link.



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