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Australian Arabian National Championships Part II

With so many lovely photographs from the Australian Arabian National Championships, we chose to run a second part with more winners from this event, held in Melbourne between 3-6 March 2021. Please enjoy the gallery below.

Ajay Satis'fyd
Ajay Satis’fyd (Halima’s Prince Fayrid x Ajay Shabby Chich), High Point Derivative Male for Samantha Webb

Bella Mirelle SPA
Bella Mirelle SBA (EKS Alihandro x Martini Thyme RTA), Gold Champion Purebred led and ridden by a youth, Ridden Purebred Mare, Gold Champion Purebred Show Hunter, and Silver Preliminary dressage for Sabble Farms (and below)

Bella Mirelle SBA

Cazna's County
Cazna’s County Ali (Gai el Jullyen x Cazna’s County Filipa) competing in dressage for Marie Benson, Jody Pickering, and Emma Trickey

Fahrenheit FF
Fahrenheit FF (Sir Charmed FF x Double TT Fevia) Gold Champion Led Arabian Warmblood for Sabble Farm

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Koora-lyn Enchanting
Gold Champion Arabian Riding Pony Mare Koora-Lyn Enchanting (Koora-Lyn Majestic x Koora-Lyn Enchanted) and High Point Female Derivative for Peter O’Hogan, Kim and Stuart Robinson, and Margie Whyte

Woranora Selwyn
Gold Champion Leading Rein Woranora Selwyn (Woranora Mosaic x Three-B Supergirl) for Rhylee Damaskinos

HF Moon Dancing
HF Moon Dancing (US) (Lucky Sol Moon (US) x Dancing Solo HH (US)), Gold Champion Western Pleasure for Sabble Farm

Rhylee Damaskinos
High Point Youth Rhylee Damaskinos

Horseasaurous and Dogasaurous with T-Rex Handler
Horseasaurous and Dogasaurous with T-Rex handler

Jindalla Park All That Glitters
Jindalla Park All That Glitters (Whitsunday Akram x Bluegum Snowflake), Silver Champion Working Stockhorse for Sharon Barry

Justified FF
Justified FF (Concherto FF x Mystica Abia), Gold Champion Anglo Arabian Gelding for Reality Arabians

Lovica Carousel
Lovica Carousel (Arabec Touch of Legacy x Indiana Lovica) putting a splash of colour into the half Arabian led class with Brenda Humphreys

Jindalla Park All That Glitters
Smiling after their dressage test – Kristin Galea riding Jindalla Park All That Glitters

Wideacre Black Diamond
Wideacre Black Diamond (Royalwood Boy Soprano x Helden Park Petite), Gold Champion Ridden Arabian Riding Pony for Vicki Pisciotta

For part one of this report, click here.

You can find full results including the numerous derivative sections as well as scorecards for all classes, on the AHSA website.

For all the photographs, visit the Glenys Lilley Foxwood Photography website or the Australian Arabian National Championships page on Facebook.

All photography by Glenys Lilley Foxwood Photography

Read more show reports on The Arabian Magazine.

Australian Arabian National Championships trophies


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