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Arabians Ltd: Signature Sponsor of the 2018 Egyptian Event

Arabians Ltd: Signature Sponsor of the 2018 Egyptian Event

The Pyramid Society would like to extend a special thank you to Judy Sirbasku of Arabians Ltd., Egyptian Event Signature Sponsor for the fourth consecutive year, for her unfailing dedication to The Pyramid Society, the Egyptian Event and the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. 

Judy and her horses, along with those bred by the Arabians Ltd. family, have had a significant presence at the Event almost since its inception. From energetic cheering sections, to ever-popular barn parties, sought-after EBC Auction breedings and generous support of the Society’s annual fundraiser, Arabians Ltd. and their friends and clients are greatly appreciated for their loyal participation and generous contributions. 

In recognition of her longstanding industry-wide support and dedication to the Straight Egyptian Arabian, Judy was presented with the Society’s prestigious Trustees Award at the 2012 Egyptian Event. In addition, the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance presented the Ambassador Award to Judy and Shawn Crews in 2014 at the Las Vegas Arabian Breeders World Cup. Judy, in turn, kindly recognized the incredible contributions made by her clients, her family, and Arabians Ltd.’s affiliate farm owners.  

The longevity of Judy’s efforts alone is notable, but as Arabians Ltd. embarks on its fortieth year, most remarkable is her successful record of consistently producing World-class Egyptian Arabians whose quality has contributed to breeding programs in the U.S. and around the globe. Hers is arguably an unparalleled achievement.  

The Society is proud to present The Pyramid Society’s Milestone Award to Judy at the 2018 Egyptian Event in honor of her 40 years of breeding Straight Egyptian Arabians. This will only be the second time that the Milestone Award has been awarded at this annual Event. 

Visit Arabians Ltd. online at www.arabiansltd.com


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