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10 minutes with… Dixie North

In a new series for TheArabianMagazine.Com, we talk to prominent people within our global Arabian horse community, as they share their experiences over a cup of virtual coffee. First in our 10 minutes with… is Dixie North of North Arabians, USA. 

I am Dixie North and with my husband, Robert, we own North Arabians in Ramona, California.

Robert and Dixie North
Dixie and Robert North

We started breeding half Arabians in 1973. We had a Morgan/Quarter mare. I was riding down the trail, and the most beautiful white Arabian came towards us! I stopped to ask the rider about the horse that took my breath away. We decided we would breed my mare that day, as she obviously was as enamoured of him as I was. I followed them home, took off the saddle, and she got bred! She had a stunning colt that won a huge half Arabian class at six months. That hooked us, and we had Arabians forever.

Dixie with Padrons Psyche
Dixie with Padrons Psyche. Credit Judith

We have had many successes over the years with individuals, but the proudest we were, was when Ever After NA’s offspring won three Championships, nine Reserve Championships and 31 Top Ten awards at the 2014 Scottsdale Show. We bred Ever After’s dam, Entaicyng NA (Aicyng x Bint Bay Beau), and imported his sire Sir Fames HBV (Ffamess x Cajun Lady HCF) from Brazil, specifically to breed to our mares. Ever After NA is a homebred boy, and we couldn’t be more proud that our vision came to fruition with him.

Ever After NA North Arabians
Ever After NA. Credit Suzanne

Ever After NA was Reserve National Champion, but where he left his mark was through his outstanding progeny, producing many champions. His daughters are continuing his legacy by becoming great broodmares for us and for many breeders around the world. We are thrilled to see the grandget doing so well at the shows, including the most recent Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.

Ever After NA 2014 Scottsdale success
Ever After NA’s incredible success as a sire at the 2014 Scottsdale Show

When we bought Padrons Psyche (Padron x Kilika), we built our farm for him. When he arrived in the box, he stopped at the top of the ramp, looked down at us, whinnied, and walked regally into his new barn. My heart was pounding at his magnificence – I could not believe he was in our barn!

Padrons Psyche
Padrons Psyche. Credit Stuart Vesty

I was so worried about him, I slept in the barn with him that night. At 3am, I was sure Psyche was colicing because his tail never went down. I called the vet, and he came. No sign of colic – just a tail that never went down. And his babies were the same, beautiful tail carriage.

Robert and Dixie North North Arabians Padrons Psyche
Robert and Dixie with some of their Padrons Psyche daughters. Credit Stuart Vesty

We are in our retirement years and Robert is having health issues at 88, so we are not travelling as much, which we miss so much. However, we still look forward to the excitement of the new foals and planning of the 2024 foals to come. We have cut back drastically, but still have four foals coming this year. Our Ever After NA daughters have produced champions with Ibn Farid (RFI Farid x Asawir) and Dominic M (Da Vinci FM x Rosa la Valentina), so we are planning to breed them back to those outstanding stallions, adding Berlin MP (S.M.A. Magic One x Baraka MP) this year. Every year, we wait with great anticipation for the foals to arrive!

Robert and Dixie received the ABWC Lifetime Breeder Award in 2016. They were also the recipients of the inaugural Breeders Award in Brazil. 

Our advice to newcomers is go to shows, go to breeders, and study pedigrees. Learn what you like and do not fall for the ‘flavour of the month’. Don’t get caught up in the hype of what’s winning at the moment, but be educated before you buy your first Arabian.

We, as breeders, welcome you to our facilities and want you to get the Arabian bug and stay in the industry for a long time.

With our trainer Sandro Pinha, who has led many of our horses successfully
With their trainer and friend Sandro Pinha, who has led many of their horses successfully

I don’t think we would change a thing. We have travelled all over the world with our horses, shown in several countries, and made so many wonderful friends. It is a lifestyle that we love.

When you breed any animal, there are heartbreaks with losses, and joy with new creations. But the joys far overshadows the heartbreaks.

Robert, then aged 79, showing Vintage Psylk NA (Ever After NA x JA Psilk’n’Lace by Padrons Psyche) to Top Ten in the 2014 Auction class. Credit Wojtek Kwiatkowski

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