Animal Communication – A comprehensive guide to Learning by Holly Davis (1 in Stock)

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Anyone that has had a close bond with a horse, and listens and observes its subtle signals, will be only too aware of how sensitive and emotional horses are. Horses have all of the same neuropeptides, the emotional chemicals, as people do. These are found throughout the digestive tract as well as the brain, hence the term ‘gut knowing’. However, for some people, listening to their horse goes a step further. Due to a deep innate connection, people are either able, or able to learn, to ‘hear’ their horse on a whole new level. It just takes practice and focus on our part.

A very insightful publication, Animal Communication is a perfect beginners’ guide to this fascinating field. Illustrated with plenty of examples from Holly’s own vast experience, this book offers a great introduction to this extraordinary world, including the logic behind animal communication, scientific research, and how you can, yourself, communicate with your own animals. This really is a fascinating book with just the right level of introduction to explain things.



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